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Blessings of Change

I haven’t written a poem that has the seen the light of day in YEARS. YEARS. But today, fueled by a friend and her challege, here goes …. but first – here are the links to the other participant’s poems. If you didn’t figure it out already, the theme for this month is very fittingly, Blessings.



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Blessings of Change

If you can find the sunshine in the dark – you can find the happy in the sad.

If you search for the sparkle in the mud – you can find beauty in the mess.

If you seek joy in the tears – you can reap thankfulness in the end.

When the days were dark I found people to lead me by the hand – kicking and screaming the entire way – to a brighter place.

As the days were less dark I began to find my way to that brighter place a little more easily – taking the offered hand – showing me how to get there.

Then the days became brighter and the place I found myself going to each day glowed with brilliant light.

I didn’t need anyone to show me the way, I found it.

Changes happen swiftly and loudly. And quietly and slowly. But they happen.

Be ready to find the blessing in the change.




  1. Nicely done. Your poem is great, lots of meaning. Change can be scary, difficult, and challenging, but sometimes it can surprise you with something great. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It’s not always easy to find the blessing in change. I, too have to be led there. But grateful for the journey!

  3. Although these words came from your heart and are about you, they could have come from mine. You should write poetry more often.

  4. I have had a ton of change this year, some good some bad, but looking back even the bad turned out to be a blessing. Love the reflection.

  5. Changes are horrifying. But you’re right. They’re often laced with beautiful blessings. <3

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