Evil Joy here with a post on the Evil Disaster occurring as I type in my lair.  Evil Epic Disasters created by yours truly, Evil Joy.  Evil Epic Disasters resulting from rearranging, purging, and moving stuff around the lair.

So…it all started because I became Evil Joy.  As Mom, I was upstairs one afternoon.  Reeling from the amount of Evil Destruction present after spending several hours the previous day cleaning.  Evil Joy came charging in and took over from Mom.


“THAT IS IT!  ALL TOYS ARE DOWN-DOWN STAIRS!!  (Down Down stairs means our basement.)

Two Littlest Spawn thought this was a stellar idea!  In their heads this meant Mom cleaned their room.

Ummm. No.  Get your butts in here and help me move all the toys down-down stairs.  Second Youngest Female Spawn buckled down and got to work.  For about 3 seconds.  Littlest Spawn – she just tried to order me around.  Listen here Little One – let me teach you the ways of my world…in which you live….get up and help now!!

A large mess was created in the hallway as I pitched out things going to down-down stairs or junk just not belonging in their room – such as my blowdryer….Strange Spawn I have…..  All Spawn were my slave labor – up and down the stairs at my command…bawhahaha.

Then…the next task.  Moving their bunk beds.  The bunk beds can only live in one of two locations in their room – only two walls are big enough or lack windows, doorways, or closets.  About every other second, the Spawn want their bunk bed moved.  DId I mention it’s Evil Heavy.  And an Evil Pain In The Butt to move.  But…being the Evil Awesome Mom I am, I moved the bunk bed….all by myself.  And their bookshelf.  And a desk.

Then Awesome Neighbor B came over.  I told her my plans to move the PC down-down stairs, along with the large desk it sits on.  And then…

Move the Evil Upright Grand Piano

into the desk’s previous home.  Around the corner in a different room.  On hardwood floors.

Awesome Neighbor B and I took the PC apart, desk drawers out and carried that Evil Bad Boy down the stairs.  And then we moved the

Evil Upright Grand Piano

around a corner, over hardwood, onto carpet into the proper spot.

aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh – that’s me – showing my muscles while making a pirate noise to indicate how strong I am!  P90X and I are friends!!  (stop laughing – or don’t – I laugh at myself all the time – join my party!)


So….Sunday is Evil Finish Up Mess Day.  We are going to lock ourselves in the house until all projects (yeah – right) are complete.  (You may notice there is not a piano bench – I started refinishing it – stripping off the paint…..three years ago – it’s still in the garage – maybe it’ll get done on Sunday too…ummmm….)

Evil Upright Grand Piano – haha – I showed you – now I just need to learn how to play you.

Spawn of the Female assortment – keep your room tidy.  I am not kidding.

Down-Down Stairs – prepare to be rearranged, cleaned, rearranged again, hooked up, and purged.  All in a single day.  Wow – I’d be scared if I were down-down stairs.

EJ – out – to go to Sam’s Club to stock concessions…again….

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