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Fear Said, “I’ll Be Back.”

And I said, “Hasta la vista, Baby.”

Well…I’m working on it anyways…(I told Russian people, Russian.  Not German or Spanish or French.  Russian.)

Dr. Evil has a cold.  He has a trip.  And Eldest Female Spawn (and Second  Eldest Female Spawn) has a birthday party this Friday.

Deja Vu much?  Bueller?

As you may recall (or not – I’ll refresh or create a memory for you) – Dr. Evil didn’t feel well the day of Eldest Spawn’s 9th birthday party.  He was suppose to go on travel and cancelled a trip because he didn’t feel well (NEVER done that ever before….seriously – maybe 2 sick days in 15 years…).

Similarities – see them?  No?

Well – my fear factor did.  And my heart leapt into my throat and the tears ran their now normal course down my face.

Then I talked to a friend.  She reminded me how crazy weird and insane Dr. Evil getting sick was last year.  How extraordinarily odd.  How repeating it would be impossible.

Then…I decided to live today.  Not worry about yesterday.  Or last  year.  Much anyways…

Enjoy your day.  I intend to.


mawahhhhhhh – kiss!

EJ out – to hug a spawn.  Or four.  And a couple of dogs.  Oh yeah, and Dr. Evil.


And listen here – I’ve slipped way way way down the ratings over at Top Mommy Blogs.  Once click is all I’m asking (well one click a day).  Click on the juggling lady.  PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSE!?!


  1. Consider it clicked.

    And make that fear your bitch.

  2. So if he is really sick give him those hugs. If he is faking like one of the kids to get out of something, tell him you are going to take his temp rectally. My husband runs whenever I mention anything about the bottom end. Its a miracle! He is fine! LOL
    And seriously…how cute is that photo! Beautiful child!
    Gonna go click and vote for ya!

    • Thanks!!! She’s a fun one…they all are! Yeah – he went and ran 4 miles. The man never complains – that how I knew he was so sick last year…..

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