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Secret Swap Take 2!

Welcome to Take Two of March’s Secret Subject Swap. This week, 11 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Take 2

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My subject is “What childhood habit do you find is still engrained into who you are?”.  It was submitted by Victory Rose.

Here goes:

There are so many things that come to mind but the most prominent thing I still do learned in my childhood is how I respond to when called.

When I was a kid, my mother hated when I said, “Just a second,” or “Just a minute!.”

I was to respond with “Coming!”

Even now at age 37 when she calls for me I still answer, “Coming.”

Strangely Dr. Evil prefers a different response and tried to change what our spawn say.  I swashed that!  I want the response to be “Coming!” Anything else sounds weird, rude, naughty, wrong….you know…it’s not “Coming!”

Also, I used to wake up and see if I could make my bed in under one minute on my digital clock.  Stuffed animals, pretty pillows and all.  I wanted it made in under a minute.  I would fly around the bed, make noise, and seriously get upset if I was over that 60 second mark.  I find myself in the last year or two doing that again.  It’s sort of funny – didn’t really think about it until this questions.  But yep, I’m doing that again too!

Other things I still do…eat all the chocolate off a snickers before eating the rest of it.  Opening presents on Christmas Eve.  Having my spawn choose their favorite meal to be prepared at home on their birthdays.  And vacuum.  I loved to vacuum as a kid.  And take lots of pictures.  I like to fold my t-shirts the same way.  I fold my towels as I did growing up.

I still get embarrassed for characters on a television show.  I’m still scared of the dark.  I don’t like breaking rules or getting in trouble.  (I didn’t do either of those often as a kid – even asked my Mama to see if I’m just remembering myself as an angel.)  I like going to church (although we’re not so good at that….).  I like getting the mail….I loved doing that as a kid.  I miss mowing the lawn with a push mower (NOT GONNA happen with 3 acres) and raking leaves…

This question is awesome.  It’s making me aware of what my spawn do now and maybe I can help them learn some new habits, routines, or rituals they will carry to adulthood.  And pass onto my grandspawn.

Thanks sincerely to Karen at Baking in a Tornado for doing this wonderful swap and to Vintage Rose for the great question!!!

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  1. That’s a great prompt too! Lots of good ones this time.

    Eating all the chocolate off the Snickers? That’s interesting, because I think the chocolate is the best part. Then again, I have been known to eat the chocolate off of some of the chocolates in those boxes of assorted chocolates because I don’t like the filling! Sad? Maybe not.

    Makes me stop and think what I have ingrained in me from my childhood… I can’t think of anything right off hand, but I remember that when we used to have chocolate milk we made it with Hershey’s syrup-and I would always want to savor it so I ate it with a spoon!

    Evil Genius can’t have soup without sandwiches-when we were first married I remember saying something about having soup for supper. His response was “But we don’t have any bread!” I was a bit puzzled by that for awhile, until he told me about that his family always had sandwiches with their soup. To this day I still can’t make soup without bread or meat. Weird…

    • Dr. Evil won’t eat soup without meat in it….couldn’t figure out why he kept grilling on the nights I made soup… 12 years into marriage I figured it out. Now if I want vegetarian soup I just dish my own and then dump in the meat!

  2. You did such a great job with this prompt. It made me smile, it’s so nostalgic. You also let us get to know you better, quirks and all!

    • Awww..thanks!! I loved the prompt and the answer literally leapt into my brain as soon as I read the prompt! I am so very happy to be able to participate in this swap!!! Thanks!!!!!

  3. We always got to pick our favorite meal on our birthdays, too. It felt so special! At least your bed is always made 🙂

    • I am so strange – I have to make it before sleeping in it…so even if it’s midnight and it’s not made, I make it before I climb in!!!!

  4. I eat all the chocolate off a Snickers first, too!! I never knew anyone else who did that! This was a great topic, because it does make you think about things you either did or were taught to do. I never make the bed, because my parents didn’t make me. And the kitchen has to be clean. Finding roaches in the sink at 2 a.m. will cure of leaving dishes “soaking” at night.

    • We have naughty dogs who will literally get on the table if we don’t tidy up. Roaches are scary….I like mice better than roaches…and I don’t like mice much!!!

  5. It’s amazing the things that stay with you over the years! Great post!!!

  6. I’m 30 years old and I still have to have MY pillow when I sleep over places, I eat the chocolate off Reese cups and Butterfingers first, I still halfway stir my chocolate milk…
    The thing I probably do the most of, though, is I’m STILL a die hard Hanson fan.

  7. Wow! That’s a great prompt! I don’t remember many habits I had as a kid except maybe chewing my nails. I still do that unfortunately. Still afraid of heights but love roller coasters. Go figure! I’m just…different 😉

    • I rip my nails off – I used to chew on them but a dental implant smack in the front of my mouth takes care of that…… We’re twins!! I am afraid of heights but LOVE LOVE LOVE roller coasters!!! I’m more afraid of the dark…so if I were in the dark up high I’d be screwed….

  8. theblacksheepmom

    April 13, 2013 at 3:32 am

    When my ex-husband would yell to our kids, he hated when they responded with “What??” He thought it sounded rude, and preferred them to say “Yes?” or “Coming!” or better yet, just come and see what he wanted! I’ve kinda held on to that, I guess. You did a great job with the prompt, it was fun learning about your childhood 🙂

  9. I don’t like the dark either!!! I can’t sleep unless I have a night light! If you like vacuuming that much, you are more than welcome to come to my house anytime! You did a great job with this prompt!

    • I love to clean…I know it’s weird! I don’t necessarily like cleaning my own house but I love cleaning other people’s homes!!

      Terr.I.Fied of the dark!

  10. My parents were super big on please and thank you, and that’s a great habit to have (sadly my husband isn’t as good at it, and it drives me CRAZY).

    You sound so angelic, how did you end up with the name “Evil Joy”?

    • It’s all from when Dr. Evil got sick – I needed some comic relief when I had his beard shaved off when he was in a coma I said Evil Joy was making the beard walk the plank. Then anytime I felt snarky I used Evil Joy on Facebook. Joy was reserved for the serious – his white blood cell count is back up from 55,000 to 60,000. Evil Joy made fun of his kidneys for not working for 22 days.

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