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All Around Alliteration…..

This post is not for the faint of heart, the pure of ears, the virgin eyes, or those who don’t like bad words.

There.  That is the disclaimer.  In other words, I’m going to swear and say stuff I don’t normally say.  So if you are offended by bad words, please read another post of mine and skip this one.  I don’t want to offend you.  So…at this point if you continue to read, it’s your own fault.




last chance…..




Okay.  Evil Joy here with a post on All Around Alliteration.

Cathartic.  Cathartic is a great word.  Last night while chatting with a friend about a stressful situation we talked about unfriending people on Facebook….stalkerish people, mean people……Cathartic C*nt came up as a fun alliteration…..and my dear sweet friend said, “oh…the c word.”  And I said, ” you mean c*nt c*nt c*nt?’

Her response, “Yes, you ho.  I meant c*nt.”

(Okay – I’m even having a hard time typing this….and when I was texting there was no *)



  • All Around A$$hole came up.
  • Beastly Bastard.
  • I’ve already written out c…..
  • D – Dickward Dumba$$.
  • E – we struggled with E….
  • F- well, let’s just stop here…and say this game was fun.


It was Cathartic.  I needed to let off steam.  It worked wonders.


Now before I get slammed for writing this – I am a good person.  I blog as Evil Joy.  I’m not Evil.  I don’t walk around swearing like the sailors I used to train in my life before kids.  I go to church – sometimes.  My spawn are really truly good kids.  I have friends – AMAZING friends.  I’m a good friend to people.  However, I’m human.

It’s okay to have a little fun – it’s okay to play outside the box – color outside the lines – cross all the imaginary boundaries.

EJ out – to find some rule to break today.


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  1. Funny you should mention this today. Yesterday some of my Duran Duran friends and I were coming up with some awesome alliteration for some Duranies that we don’t necessarily care for. Douchebag Duranie, Deranged Duranie and Dumbass Duranie all came up in conversation. 🙂

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