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An Evil Awesome Ending

Okay – so seriously – we made it to Faith Formation tonight for the first time in forever.  I didn’t read the email outlining the topics because I decided we were going regardless of the topic as we’ve missed so many classes.  Of course tonight  –

Safe Environment night.

This class is something you have to give permission for your spawn to attend.  Or not attend.  And sign in.  We’ve always opted out of this class because I talk openly about these things (physical, verbal, and sexual abuse) to the spawn so they know what to do and what’s okay and not okay.  I think the class is a good one for parents who don’t know how or want to talk to their children.  However, I found the ‘movie’ hard to watch – I don’t like seeing people being mean to kids.  It was done nicely though….just hard to watch.

It’s sort of cool and not cool – we as parents stay with the k-5 spawn in the meeting area for class.  We go to class with them.  Rocks because we see first hand what they’re learning and talking about – and I learn quite a bit too as I’ve forgotten some stuff…..  Sucks because I went to CCD for 13 years.  I’ve done my time.

Anyway – I was feeling sort of down and blue about the whole thing.  The Female Spawn with me tonight (Littlest Spawn is too little for Faith Formation aka CCD) were quiet and you could see the wheels turning in their heads.  Well – at least you could see the wheels turning in Eldest Female Spawn’s head.  Second Eldest Female Spawn asked if she could play on my phone when she got nervous and I said “YES!…yes, you certainly may.”

We found Eldest Spawn (he is up with the middle schoolers…) and headed out the car.

It was sort of quiet.  Then….the Evil Awesomeness Occurred.  EAO.  This has happened once before.  And this time – it was even more sweet.

We all and I mean all – INCLUDING Eldest Spawn – were singing at the top of our lungs “Too Close” by Alex Clare.  Eldest Spawn tried to adjust the base.  I had to remind him NOT to TOUCH my STEREO in my TRUCK EVER.  Then we got back to singing and it rocked.  Big big time awesome – loved it – can’t wait for it to happen again – one of my best memories was made – EAO.

(Do you think I enjoyed the singing experience?  May I remind you I was in marching band for a reason -I reserve my singing for babies who can’t talk and tell me to stuff it and for car rides like this where it doesn’t matter?)

It .  Was .  Wonderful .

EJ out – to put Eldest Female Spawn to bed.  She wants to read to me…love it.


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  1. Those moments are fantastic!

  2. It’s great to teach the kids safe environments.. sounds like the rocking out was the most fun.
    Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

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