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Baby It's Cold Outside….

Yeah Yeah Yeah – I know it’s cold outside.  It’s freaking freezing outside.  Literally.  Like -22 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.  (Yeah – it went up by 4 degrees by the time I took a screen shot.)


I am aware of where I live.  I know we choose to live in the northern parts of the midwest.  However, regardless of where you live, even Antarctica, -22 degrees Fahrenheit is cold.  Damn cold.  And that’s the air temperature.  Don’t get me started on wind chills.  And how they’ve changed the way they measure wind chills in comparison to the olden days.  As in today’s -44 degree Fahrenheit wind chill is equivalent to -66 degree F back 10 years ago (or something like that).

At least if we have a good old fashion snow day where no one can get anywhere, we can simply bundle up our spawn, open the door, dig a trench, and kick them out.  When the spawn were younger I would bundle them up, get them playing and set a timer.  I’d lock the deck door so they couldn’t come in until said timer went off.  (Come on now, it was only about 20 minutes and they were dressed to survive the next ice age!)  And now that they’re older I’ll even take on treacherous roads to snowboard if there’s nice, new, fluffy snow. for me to fall on.











But this cold.  This cold that keeps me from snowboarding and sending my spawn OUTSIDE to run off their boundless ENERGY?!  I mean really Mother Nature?  What’d we ever do to you?

I will be required to punch the first person to complain about the heat this summer if they are under the age of 60.  I say under the age of 60  because I’m not on the hook to follow through and punch one of my mom’s friends or something like that.  (And no.  I am Evil Joy but I would NEVER punch someone!?!  Well…probably not).

So even though I’ve complained about the cold, I guess we should all embrace this day.  Because, well, why not?!  Being mad about it isn’t going to change it.  I’m spending the day with friends and their children running around either my lair or theirs or both.  We’ll bake something, make a craft, do laundry, and drink coffee.  This is NOT the normal life of a stay at home mom – but when it’s too cold to do the normal running around with spawn in tow – why not make memories, right?!?!


Carpe SNOW and ICE.

EJ out – to shower and dry my hair so it doesn’t become freeze-dried scariness.

I’ve seriously fallen off the wall on the Top Mommy Blogs.  Would take a minute to warm my frozen heart and click on the Top Mommy Blogs juggling lady up there on the right?  Thanks!!!!


  1. I live in Maine. We had Chill Factors of about -30 a week or so ago with an actual temp of about -10.

    But, we are pikers compared to -22/-44.

    Brrrrrrr! (st)

    • I love winter. Love love love it. But this is getting re-donk-u-lous! Not being able to bundle up the kids and sent them out is killing me…and my couch cushions and they jump, flip, build forts, and stack them!

      Today they did get sent out to play for about 15 minutes. Full gear. Broke my rule of no snowboard gear anywhere but snowboarding and had them wear their face masks and neck warmers. They came in frozen and sat still for a few minutes to warm up. That was my peaceful time today!!!!

      Stay warm Fearless Leader! You’ve got one dedicated follower in me!!!

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