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Bad Burton Puppy

Once upon a time, Evil Joy decided to adopt a rescue puppy.  He was a sweet looking puppy resembling the famous Pokey Little Puppy.  This photo was taken the day Evil Joy made him part of the lair.



How could anyone not fall completely in love with that sweet, little thing?  He was precious.  And….he had Evil Joy wrapped around his paw.  He would cry all night long (READ: wake the spawn up all night long) so Evil Joy would rescue him and sleep with him on the couch.  Yes, yes, I know that’s the wrong thing to do.  But sometimes surviving is more important than doing it by the book.

As Burton Puppy grew, he learned to not use the carpet as his personal yard, to not eat people food, to walk very nicely on a leash, and to cuddle up with anyone on the couch.  He’s a lovable little guy.





Bad Burton.   I do not enjoy picking up poop shaped underwear in the yard.  “There’s the pink pair, there’s the blue pair, there’s the pair with hearts!!” cried Littlest Spawn when pointing out poop piles to me as we were cleaning up.

Underwear are not cheap.




Or I won’t buy you anymore more chew sticks.


EJ out – to shop online for new undies.


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  1. Do they make underwear shaped Milkbones??

  2. He would get along fantastically with Bear! The double B’s destroying one house a day.

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