Just because you’re a die hard supporter of a sports team doesn’t mean you get to be an asshat to the fans of the opposing team.

While at a university football game Saturday I was so excited to be sporting my college gear and ready to go cheer on some amazing football. I love college football.

Within the first two minutes in the gate I heard the first comment that made me cringe. The opposing team was heavily out numbered and the words being slung at them were gross. Then another interaction occurred. Then another. I was embarrassed to be wearing my colors.  A fellow fan saw my face and simply said, “People should not be allowed to drink all day and then allowed in public.”

I am game for friendly banter. All in good spirit. Especially since we as fans are NOT the ones playing the game. We are not the ones juggling a college football career with a college academic load while learning to navigate the world away from home.

I love supporting my team. I love supporting both teams. It’s just a cool experience to come together with nearly 75,000 other people to watch athletes compete in an amazing venue.

I do not enjoy or support people being mean. Or taking pleasure in stirring the pot. A debate is one thing. Even a heated debate. But the level of asshatery I witnessed was impressive. It made me anxious.

And then I was in the receiving end. I sat next to a fan from the visiting team. I was “recruited” to cheer with them since I happily stated I was supporting both teams. I was pretty excited!

A lot of cheering went on. The vibe was amazing. It was positive cheering for the winning team.

The visiting fan did not take the cheering well. He took it personally. And then proceeded to cheer not for his team but against the home team. He was a complete jerk to be around.

Equal asshatery was displayed by fans from both sides. Way to go adults. So glad we are teaching our younger generations how to play nice.

Be a good fan. Support your team. Welcome visitors. Support the ATHLETES.

Disclosure. I am technically an alumni of BOTH schools. I definitely cheered a little harder for one but clapped for both each and every play!!! Either way “my” team won. Winner winner chicken dinner.