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Beware of Sleeping…

Sleep.  I write about sleep a lot – or rather lack there of.

Spawn contine to …

-keep waking you up

-keep you awake because they can’t sleep

-keep you awake because they sleep too well and you worry

-do things to other Spawn sleeping around them.

The photos showcase just how much you must consider whether or not you Need Sleep or Want Sleep.  And what happens when you Do Sleep.


Sleepers.  Beware.  You Have Been Warned.


EJ out – to practice softball = creating more fodder for posts.


  1. What happened to the days of magic markers? When then really didn’t know what happened to them until they looked in the mirror. Joy, it seems to me they interrupt your sleep a lot…. Please ……..”



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  2. Hehehehe – they had best not mess with this mama when I’m sleeping. Other than waking me up….even that is too much!

    This morning the littlest nearly shoved me out of a king size bed all by herself. Dr Evil left for travel and I was forced out of a bed by a sleeping 4 year old!

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