When I was small I had a little red wagon. I loved that wagon. I rode and pulled my dolls miles in that little red wagon. That wagon was a source of fun and frolic. It took me more than around the block. With that wagon I had adventures to space and deep into the sea. I would load up my stuffed bear, whatever doll I picked to play with that day, some snacks and a thermos of water and I would begin the trek to the middle of the back yard….about 150 feet.

My mom has kept things she knows one day we will hold as precious. My wagon arrived a while back and my children have enjoyed it for more than 10 years. The wagon’s sides had become rickety. The brackets unhinged. Yet still I loved the wagon as though it was shiny and perfect. One day jumping in and out of the wagon brought it to pieces. Literal pieces.

I cried. Over a wagon. I wept because my wagon was in pieces. It provided trips through my imagination, hauled my treasures, carried Eldest on some of his first walks as a toddler.

Dr. Evil has been on a cleaning mission and I’m all in favor of removing clutter. I finally gave in a said, “Fine, burn it in the burn pile with the rest of the junk in the garage.” My heart was sad but I decided I needed to get over myself. It was simply a wagon after all and it had lived a good life.

I was gone all day yesterday. I got home and walked in. Dr. Evil and Littlest excitedly said, “Did you see it?!”

They did this. They may have had fun and thought it a sweet gesture.



They have no idea how much it means to me. They put my wagon back together, painted it, and Littlest even took special care with white paint and traced the little letters out with her sweet hands.


My wagon gets a new start. It may only hold up another summer or two but today it carried a blanket for a picnic, rocks to be painted, and shoes for dancing. Across a yard….onto a new adventure.

EJ out – to end my day full of gratitude.

What childhood memories live on for you? I”d love to hear!!! Leave me a comment! I’ll respond