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Catch For A Cure 2013

Awesome Amy never ceases to amaze me with her awesomeness.

Three years ago, she invited me to play in the Catch for a Cure slow pitch softball tournament in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  It’s a fundraiser for the support of breast cancer patients and survivors.  And awareness-raiser for everyone else.  And everyone else that isn’t included in the previous sentence.

So three years ago I sucked.  I’m not being self deprecating……I really sort of suck at ball.  I can throw a little, but that’s about it.

Two years ago I sucked slightly less, but not much.

This year – the 10th Anniversary of Catch for a Cure – I still sucked but I pitched a bit because it’s one of the things I was able to do somewhat proficiently.  Then I got tired and really sucked again.  Like bad.  Like 3 feet outside the strike zone and well below the arc limit.  Multiple times.  So…another wonderful woman pitched and she rocked it way more than I could ever dream of it.  But she got tired.  So I pitched a few more times and then took a ball to the gut (I have this cool round bruise that shows the laces.  Never been thankful for my flubber before, but man – I am so thankful for my flubber).  So she had to be un-tired.

There were some moments of ‘grrrrrr’ and some moments of ‘yeeesss!’ but mostly there were times of thinking about why we were there.  Fighting for the woman dealing with the fight FOR their LIVES.  Fighting so the next generations don’t have to fight.  Fighting so no more are lost to cancer….any kind of cancer.  The words I have to call cancer I can’t even type.  They are bad, bad words.  I hate cancer.   HATE IT!  (and I don’t hate much of anything….)

It’s humbling to play to support these women – their families.  It’s humbling to be included in a such an amazing event.

Awesome Amy, Fighting DD Deb, and I will be back.  In 359 days.

But who’s counting?

Additional information about Catch for a Cure (Baraboo, Wisconsin).

From their Facebook page….

“Catch for a Cure is a Womens over 30 softball tournament, hosted on Labor Day weekend, Annually, at Pierce Park, in Baraboo WI
Mission : To FIND A CURE! Empower women, comfort local and distant family’s affected by cancer, help those in need. All of our proceeds are returned right back into the Baraboo and surrounding communities. Our proceeds are dispersed through local support groups that not only fund for Breast Cancer Research but help the lives of those that have been effected by Breast Cancer.The Catch for a Cure was founded in memory of a local Baraboo mother who passed away on mother’s day due to complications of Breast Cancer. From that point on, we knew that there needed to be something done. We need to find a CURE!”


For more information on Catch for a Cure check out their info here.


  1. I suck at ball, but I”d be good at drinking that Mike’s shit.

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