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PSA : Don't wreck my #RunHappy

Okay. It’s not hard.

Put your cell phone away while you are driving.


For the love of Pete. And Paul. Jack and Jane.

And me.

And you.

You may rationalize in your mind that you are a great driver and you can glance down with no problem. You’re experienced. You can check your text. You can dial a phone number.

And then you come over a hill. And down a hill. On a two lane back roads highway.

And I’m running. Towards you. Against traffic. With a flashy light thing on my arm closest to the road. With reflective shoes. And a reflective shirt. And pants of a color not found in nature.



As you hug my edge of the road I look behind me and there’s no oncoming traffic. I get onto the non-existent side of the road. You hug my side of the road even more tightly.

Then you look up. Or maybe it was your passenger that called your attention to my presence.

I stop running and get as far off the road as I can without ending up clear in the ditch.

You swerve over.

Maybe you saw me and didn’t think you were as close as you actually were. Maybe I’m a little jumpy.

But I saw a phone. A device. And you know what? You need to put it away and drive the large machine you’re controlling.

A large machine that would kill me if you weren’t paying attention.

The point?

Put your cell phone away and drive.

Don’t make my #runhappy into a #runsmooshed.

This has been a PSA by Evil Joy.

Fall Time, Fall Time, I'm Hitting the Wall Time….

Okay.  I recognize and accept full responsibility for having four spawn.  I get it.  I wanted them.  I got them.  I get to raise them.

But can I get a damn day off once in a while?  Is that too much to ask?

I recently went on a laundry strike.  More so because my dryer was awful and no one helped me with the task.  So I stopped doing certain people’s laundry unless it snuck in with another load mistakenly.  Passive aggressive much?  Me?  No, never……

I’m also on a cleaning the bathrooms strike.

See the thing is – I CLEAN OTHER PEOPLE’S HOUSES FOR A LIVING.  So that I may be home, stay home, go to events with these precious spawn I spawned.  I hold a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics.  I used to train soldiers, sailors, and pilots how to use computer systems, about upgrades on their large weapons systems, and I ran the Train the Trainer sessions.  I had a job where I got dressed up, went to work, acted professional, worked late and drove home.  And traveled.   But in order to spend time home and not on the road we decided long ago I would stay home.  I LONGED to stay home with my babies.  I wanted to stay home.  I loved being with my kids.  I still do.  I adore the fact that I make my own schedule and at the drop of a hat…. I can have lunch with the Littles or help in a class room.  I am here for friends who need before school care.  I love having all the kids hang here – I LOVE IT.

But honestly, fall kicks my evil arse.  I.  Am.  Tired.

Photo on 9-18-14 at 8.15 AM #2

Football five nights a week.  Running for one spawn every night of the week – although from home – cross country wasn’t a good fit so she’s taking on herself and running here at the house.  Every night.  Girl Scouts, Fall Ball, Boy Scouts, Boosters, Benchwarmers.  School starting, homework, early bed times, weekend tournaments.

Life with four.  And I signed up for it.

And I LOVE IT.  Please don’t send me hate mail about how lucky I am to have my children.  I know and appreciate it.  We lost one early on so I really get how lucky I am.

That doesn’t mean I can’t be overwhelmed at times.

So I am decreeing Friday night – whole house CLEANING night.  We do whole house pickup every time I loose my shit – I mean – on a regular basis.  Picking up is easy.  Cleaning isn’t bad either.  Unless you’ve already cleaned three houses in one day and come home to toilets that are more disgusting than the public pots at the bus station.

Watch out spawn.  You are going to clean.  And you’re going to clean properly.

Because Saturday I want a day off.  Except for the softball tournament an hour away.  I’m a coach by force.  Dr. Evil is coach and by proxy so am I.  But then…THEN…we will come home to a tidy house.  A clean house.  Except for the messes the dogs will make because they’re left home yet again.

And next week, it’s a new week of chaos.  My lovely chaos.  And it makes me happy.   Tired at times….but Happy.

EJ out – to clean up before Dad of Evil Joy makes a somewhat surprise visit to watch Eldest play football!!  Go Raiders!!!

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Containment Methods for Tweens and Teens

Top 10 Ways to Contain Your Non-Toddler Children.

1. Trampolines. These are essentially giant playpens. Tweens and teens willing enter. They must be reminded to not flip or do somersaults. After a while they will ask to leave but can be convinced to remain inside of the netting by offering a balloon or ball.

2. Hockey Rinks. While not personally aquatinted with this method I have observed the following; because of cost, once in parents can make the children stay in; gear takes so long to put on it’s like winter clothing – I got you dressed to play outside you’re going to play outside; there are a limited number of places where one may exit the rink.

3. Baseball Diamonds. Containing your child on a baseball field has unique challenges however given the practice and game schedule they have time for little other than practice, showering, washing their uniform, sleeping and doing it all over again.


4. Softball diamonds. See #3 and apply to all things softball.


5. Swimming pools. Tweens and teens can be tricked into playing at or in a pool using the bait and switch technique. You bait them with the promise of lazying around the pool then switch it up to include actual swimming.


6. Summer school. Suckers. Need I say more? Just remember this will require your time too if you live where you children cannot ride bikes or walk to class.

7. Library time. Like small children, tweens and teens are allowed into the library. I often pretend I need to find another book and while doing so suggest going “to find yourself something.” In your section. Away from me. Within the library. Quietly. Or else the librarian will holler at you. For real. She may actually holler at you to be quiet.

8. Golf. I know nothing about golf. But one of my kids is taking golf lessons this summer. It takes hours. And it’s cheap. (I realize that golf and cheap do not normally go together but it’s only $65 for the summer!! 3 hour lesson once a week for 7 or 8 weeks.).

9. Playgrounds. With younger siblings. Even the coolest of 14 year olds will play on the swings….


10. Holding the snacks and money hostage at any of the previous 9 locations. If you are in charge of the cooler or the wallet, they will come.


If you’re having a hard time containing your Tweens and Teens try implementing an idea or two. Let me know how it goes.

EJ out – taking girls to watch older girls in state softball playoffs.

If You Take Evil Joy To A….

If you take an Evil Joy to a baseball game, she will pack her truck.

While packing her car, Dr. Evil will call, interrupt packing and say, “Hey, pick me up at work, we’ll leave a car here and then we can all go together.”

So Evil Joy gets all the spawn loaded up and hops in the truck and off they go.

While driving to get Dr. Evil, Evil Joy will realize she forgot to eat lunch.

So Evil Joy picks up Dr. Evil and off they drop Eldest for warm-ups.  Then they hit the convenience store.

While in the convenience store, Dr. Evil realizes he’s hungry.  So the Evil Spawnily goes to Wal-Mart where Dr. Evil finds a Subway.

Finally the Evil Spawnily arrives back to the ball field.  Where Dr. Evil eats his Subway in the truck.

So Evil Joy unloads the truck.   And realizes she only packed one chair.  For all six spawnily members.

So they all walk over and sit in the bleachers.

While sitting in the bleachers watching Eldest play, Evil Joy updates her Facebook and Instagram accounts with fabulous pictures of Eldest Spawn playing ball and witty comments from the corners of her brain.








Instead of watching the game.

And when Evil Joy doesn’t watch the game, she gets a line drive foul ball to the forehead.

And when Evil Joy gets a line drive foul ball to the forehead she gets a trip to the ER and and CT scan.

When Evil Joy goes to the ER, she gets a little scared.  When she gets a little scared, Evil Joy talks the ear off of the wonderful woman who took her.

When Evil Joy talks the ear off of the wonderful woman who took her, Evil Joy makes a new friend.

And when Evil Joy makes a new friend, Evil Joy is happy.

Sooooooo…..Evil Joy goes to baseball and is happy.


Therefore baseball equals happiness.


End of story.


So, yeah….I was at a game last week and got smacked in the noggin.  Thanks for all the texts, emails and comments on Facebook – you guys are the best.  I’m good.  No fracture just a concussion hence Blog Silence for so long.  Dr. Evil did make me feel better by letting me know if I had been watching that particular play I most likely wouldn’t have had time to react and it would have hit my nose….so this one time technology saved my face.

And for the record, I do pay attention to the game.

Most of the time.

Except that one time….


Here’s the progression…..bawahahahahah!  Now I really REALLY look EVIL!  #dailymugshot



EJ out – to take Eldest to the last day of his first high school class.  Summer gym.  So he can take honors history or something like that.


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School's Out For Summer!

Summer has arrived.

“You know Mom summer doesn’t actually start until the equinox so it’s really still spring.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 7.54.10 AM

More accurately – as is evidently required, school has ended for the 2013-2014 school year in this lair.  Now…there are four spawn home.  All day.  Every day.  All summer long.

I.  Am.  Terrified.

Being the brilliant parents Dr. Evil and I are, we have the two oldest scheduled for loads of physical activity in the morning hours.  Raider Elite is an organized summer workout/gym class.  And again my brilliance shines through. It begins at 8:30 or 9 depending on grade level.  (And hell no, I am not making two trips – you’d best bring a book to read or something because you’re sitting on your arse at school while waiting for your class to start.)

And…Then…..For Eldest….He was selected from the lottery for summer gym for high school.  Oh…that pains me to write.  My oldest is in high school.  He can’t be that big.  I can’t be that old.  I’m not yet vintage.  Unless vintage is cool.  Then maybe, just maybe I can be the start of vintage.  Like the gray in my hair.  I have the start of gray.  It’s not yet to the point where I take my ink pen and try to hide the blue gray hairs.

Back to summer….

After 3 hours of physical activity they get to come home.

And do chores.

Then…it’s time for baseball, softball, or t-ball depending on their age.

My goal?  To make them sleep at night.  So they don’t hear the frogs out in the back acres.  So they don’t hear the alarm bell Dr. Evil has go off at 5:14 am EVERY FREAKING DAY.  And to keep them so active they are ready for whatever comes their way in the fall.  One is playing football.  One is thinking about cross country.  The other two, my Littles, are just little enough that riding bike, swimming, trampoline jumping, playing tag, running from their older siblings, and doing chores will make them tired.  And ready for the activities that come with grades 1 and 4.

I hope.

And….I hope we spend time at the beach.  Together.  All of us.  There is a man made ‘lake’ beach area in a nearby state park.  You can bring in coolers of food and drinks and we can spend the entire day (except for the hours of required hard physical labor for the two Bigs) playing in the water, on the play structure (which is EPIC – honestly – it’s amazing and I LOVE IT), or just hanging on the beach soaking up the sun that makes it past my broad spectrum 50 SPF water proof, bug proof, sweat proof, have to scrub off but keeps my Littlest from turning into a lobster and makes me worry about skin cancer … sunblock.   We’ll take some RV trips.  One in particular is to a ball tournament at Wisconsin Dells.  The others…well Dr. Evil is good at planning those and tends to just let me know when to have things ready to roll.

And I’m good with that.

Summer has arrived.  I’m a little less terrified.

And ready to live it up.

What are you plans for the summer?

EJ out – to get ready for this first day – I have a chore list to make!!  Woot Woot!

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Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.23.16 PM


I used: frog ~ bell ~ vintage ~ blue ~ ink

They were submitted by:  Stacy Sews and Schools

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Share the Hill…..a poem by Evil Joy

I’m not looking to start a debate.  I looking to set the record straight.

Skiers and Snowboarders need to play nice.

Both of us like the snow but despise the ice.

There is this big hill in front of us.

No need to charge down it like a runaway bus.

Make no assumptions about me and I’ll make none about you.

Be kind to your fellow snow lover and they’ll be kind too.

Just because I’m on a board doesn’t mean I’m rude or will cop an attitude.

Just because I’m a board doesn’t mean I’m in a mood.

Please know I can’t see all around.

I’m not trying to be out of bound.

But if you ski up behind me on my blind side.

I may end up bumping your ride.

Not because I want to.

Not because I dare.

But because I can’t see you around over there.

So let’s share the slopes without attitude or assumption.

Let’s ride this season while there’s still snow on the hill.

Let’s share this hill and have yet another thrill.

By Evil Joy


That was fun wasn’t it?  My lovely poem was inspired by a few experiences this season.  I’ve had more than one ski instructor mention to me (while riding a lift together with a board strapped to my foot!) how they look for the boarder kids because they know the kids board because of or they may have…attitude.  I was appalled.

First – Did you not notice the board stuck to my foot here right night to your skis?

Second –  I didn’t assume anything because you ski.  Quite the opposite in fact.  I don’t know how to ski.  It looks cool but I’m afraid of two legs going in separate directions.  So more power to YOU!

Third – I’ve had more skiers run into me and knock me over or cut me off than boarders this season.

Preconceptions and generalizations be damned.

You’ve got to understand.  I’m overly aware of my surroundings.  I make sure I’m well out of the way and not in the path of skiers while putting on my board.  I get out of the way.  I make sure my spawnily of six is compact and not taking up the top of hill while we get ready to ride.  Since skiers are faster at the lift, we are courteous and let them ahead if arriving at the same time.  If I fall getting off the lift I scoot my arse out of the way so I don’t force a lift stop.  I look all around while STILL ABLE TO LOOK ALL AROUND (BECAUSE I’M NOT MOVING DOWN THE HILL WITH ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER) and make sure I’m not going to cut anyone off.  Down the hill from me is my responsibility.  Up the hill from me is not, but I’ll be damned if I’m not aware of all around me as much as I can.

And mostly, I don’t make assumptions about skiers.  Please don’t make assumptions about me or my spawn.

So play nice.  I play nice.  Like Miley Cyrus, “I didn’t want to start a war.”  Just want to share the hill.

EJ out – to write some more stellar poems for you my Lovies!

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It’s cold here in Wisconsin.  And this year it’s damn cold.

As the Evil Joy spawnily snowboards (and unless you’ve never read my blog or Facebook page you know this….or you live under a rock), we are prepared for this tundra like weather.

Here is a tale.  A Tale of Layers.

Layers Required to Prevent A Frozen Evil Joy

Layer One :

Grannie Panties of the Nth Degree.  Because if a wedgie occurs, there’s no getting that out of the business through all the layers.

Sports Bra from Hell.  Because I need it.  ‘Nuff said.


Layer Two :

Outdoor Running Leggings.  They’re slightly fuzzy on the inside and spandex-y on the outside.

Base Layer Long Sleeved Shirt.  It’s too small.  But it tucks into Outdoor Running Leggings.

And God help anyone who sees this layer.  Dr. Evil isn’t even allowed anywhere near when this layer is stand alone.


Layer Three :

Cool Weather Running Capris.  They’re thicker than the normal capris I wear when running.  And a bit longer

Long Sleeve Tech Shirt.  Usually one that says “Run Your Giblets Off” because..yeah…it says “Run Your Giblets Off.”


Layer Four :

Sweat Shorts – Bermuda Length.  Otherwise my arse freezes to the lift chair and then all hell breaks loose.

Long Sleeve Tech Shirt.  Usually the other one that says “Run Your Giblets Off” because we have two of them.


Layer Five :

Snowboarding socks.  Because I’m snowboarding.  And they’re long.  And only one pair in this lair is wool free and if anyone tries to wear them besides me I get pretty Evil.  There are 20 other pairs of socks around here – stay off mine.

Long Sleeve Tech Shirt.  Now we’re onto the “Grandma’s Marathon Training” one.


Layer Six :

Bottom layer is done but for Snowpants.

Top Layer required a hoodie.


Layer Seven :


Snowboard Jacket.

(I got lazy taking pictures so there’s one to encompass the next three layers…..)

Layer Eight :

Wrist Guards.  Yes.  I wear them after breaking my wrist the first time I ever went snowboarding.

Layer Nine :


Neck gator.

Face Mask.

Hot Packs for hands.  Hot Packs for feet.


Goggles.  Only if it’s bright enough because I don’t have goggles with lenses for low light.



Layer Ten :




And Finally….

A board.

Now…I’m ready to board.  And even with all these layers I’m still able to bend and strap in!!  Let’s shred!

EJ out – to now undress from 87 layers of clothing in order to drive that cello to school AGAIN!  Gah – only 6 more years – then she’ll be able to drive her own cello to school!  (And her sisters!)

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Baby It's Cold Outside….

Yeah Yeah Yeah – I know it’s cold outside.  It’s freaking freezing outside.  Literally.  Like -22 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.  (Yeah – it went up by 4 degrees by the time I took a screen shot.)


I am aware of where I live.  I know we choose to live in the northern parts of the midwest.  However, regardless of where you live, even Antarctica, -22 degrees Fahrenheit is cold.  Damn cold.  And that’s the air temperature.  Don’t get me started on wind chills.  And how they’ve changed the way they measure wind chills in comparison to the olden days.  As in today’s -44 degree Fahrenheit wind chill is equivalent to -66 degree F back 10 years ago (or something like that).

At least if we have a good old fashion snow day where no one can get anywhere, we can simply bundle up our spawn, open the door, dig a trench, and kick them out.  When the spawn were younger I would bundle them up, get them playing and set a timer.  I’d lock the deck door so they couldn’t come in until said timer went off.  (Come on now, it was only about 20 minutes and they were dressed to survive the next ice age!)  And now that they’re older I’ll even take on treacherous roads to snowboard if there’s nice, new, fluffy snow. for me to fall on.











But this cold.  This cold that keeps me from snowboarding and sending my spawn OUTSIDE to run off their boundless ENERGY?!  I mean really Mother Nature?  What’d we ever do to you?

I will be required to punch the first person to complain about the heat this summer if they are under the age of 60.  I say under the age of 60  because I’m not on the hook to follow through and punch one of my mom’s friends or something like that.  (And no.  I am Evil Joy but I would NEVER punch someone!?!  Well…probably not).

So even though I’ve complained about the cold, I guess we should all embrace this day.  Because, well, why not?!  Being mad about it isn’t going to change it.  I’m spending the day with friends and their children running around either my lair or theirs or both.  We’ll bake something, make a craft, do laundry, and drink coffee.  This is NOT the normal life of a stay at home mom – but when it’s too cold to do the normal running around with spawn in tow – why not make memories, right?!?!


Carpe SNOW and ICE.

EJ out – to shower and dry my hair so it doesn’t become freeze-dried scariness.

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Today’s post is a writing challenge that I hope you find as much fun to read as it was to write. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

 Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.23.16 PM

At the end of this post you’ll find links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out, see what words they got and how they used them.

I’m using: soup’s on ~ hot dog ~ oh no ~ for real ~yeppers ~ righteous

They were submitted by:   Spatulas on Parade

Here goes!!!!

Once upon an Evil Time, Evil Joy went snowboarding.  (And yes, I know I’m obsessed.)  She was such a HOT DOG.  Always trying to be RIGHTEOUS like the young kids.  FOR REAL, she’d be out on the slopes trying to board goofy (the equivalent of skiing backwards), attempting flat 360’s (spinning around), or some other skill not yet mastered.

See ….the first time Evil Joy went snowboarding was right after Dr. Evil returned to work after being off for 5 months.  When he tried to kick the bucket and experienced life support and all that jazz.  Sensing Evil Joy’s anxiety levels (higher than the tallest building), two amazing friends decided on a fun day out for Evil Joy.  Snowboarding.  After 4 fun hours on the bunny hill, Awesome Amy, Wonderful Deb and Evil Joy had lunch.  And returned to the bunny hill.  Where upon Evil Joy said, “I should be wearing my spawn’s wrist guards!”  And down she fell…immediately after said statement….and YEPPERS…broke both bones in her wrist.  And fractured her elbow.

Later that week, Evil Joy bought a snowboard, refusing to be beaten.  And last season, Evil Joy mastered the beginner level snowboarding skills.

Now this year Eldest Spawn is constantly badgering Evil Joy to try a box.  And Evil Joy always replies, “OH NO!  I’d break my Evil Arse.”  Eldest Spawn, in all his RIGHTEOUS indignation, said, “Mom – you can totally do this.  FOR REAL.  You got it.”

Then on a magical evening, the mystical and nearly impossible to find Date Night, Dr. Evil and Evil Joy went … yes, snowboarding.  Together.  Without spawn.  Dr. Evil was bound and determine to try a box.  Evil Joy was bound and determined she was not going to take care of his Evil Arse if he broke it landing on the box versus riding over it.  And lo and behold…Dr. Evil did it!!  Evil Joy chickened out.  Multiple times.  Got to the start of the box and darted to the right of it and went around.  Multiple times.

And then….

At the pace of a snail, Evil Joy went up the ramp.  Onto the box.  And landed it.  RIGHTEOUSly.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.18.36 PM

And promptly fell on her Evil Arse due to being excited about landing it.

Out of the chalet, the chef magically appeared to yell, “SOUP’S ON!  And it’s full of HOT DOGS!”  He spoke with RIGHTEOUS strength of one who appears from thin air to make soup containing HOT DOGS.

EJ out – to celebrate my birthday by… you guessed it…SNOWBOARDING!

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andddddd…pss – it’s my birthday.  Really.  Today.  January 17th!  It’s a day to celebrate!  I love my birthday like a biker loves his chaps!

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TToT #27

So Lizzi at Considerings does this awesome Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT) each weekend.  This time she upped the challenge because she made it a contest!  After the awesome little pic there in the middle are the question she asked and the answers I gave…..Read on people.  And have a great weekend!
I’m so thankful for a number of things.
1.  Lizzi and this list.
2.  My weekend snowboarding – it was cold as hell – wait – it was cold as the inverse of hell – but it was fun.
3.  Dr. Evil being so into cooking – I don’t have to on the weekends.
4.  Eldest Female Spawn being so patient with Littlest Spawn on the hills.  I wasn’t so patient but she was.  And Littlest LOVES boarding with her.
5.  A secret for a friend – super excited but can’t spill the beans because it’s a Christmas present for her family.
6.  Coffee with sweet cream creamer to warm me up after snowboarding.
7.  Wine to numb the boo-boos from snowboarding after I’ve warmed up.
8.  No dog poo-poo to clean up – thankfully he’s feeling better!
9.  Laundry.  As silly as it is – we have clothes to wear and a washing machine and dryer to deal with them.
10.  Snow.  I love snow.  I love cold – and by golly – it’s -4 degrees Fahrenheit.  I’d say that qualifies.
Have a great weekend my Evil Lovies…..
Ten Things of Thankful
So part of the deal this week is to answer the questions about the co-hosts.  Below are the questions and my answers – along with my reason for said answer.

1. This co-host cannot STAND an open door, and feels decidedly uncomfortable in a room where one is open.

 Joy because even this is isn’t about me – it describes me!

2. This co-host learned to whistle before being able even to walk or talk.

Kristi because I chose the first one on the list.

3. This co-host risked life and limb walking down the hill of a HUGE roller-coaster, which had broken mid-ride.

Dyanne since Dy is in her name and she risked Life…..

4. This co-host is VERY spooked by cats and doesn’t like them at all. Cats LOVE her, though. All cats. All the time.

K2 because K2 makes me think of ‘Kitty Kitty’

5. This co-host was a member of her High-School debate team.

Joy  because as a Joy I can debate anything to the death!

6. This co-host traded kisses with a neighbour when they were both six years old. Oh, and the kisses were on the ASS!

Lizzi – I think we talked about this once….

7. This co-host taught in a school for the hearing-impaired.

Melissa – because you were the first name and I don’t recall which of you did…

8. This co-host has two dead hamsters in a toilet-roll middle, in the freezer.

Zoe because my niece (not the one named Zoe but another niece) had this situation when my daughter was born – we almost named there the name of the hamsters – Lucy Mae – we went with Charlotte

9. This co-host was born in a taxi-cab on the way to the hospital.

Clark – seems sort of like a Clark Griswald story….

10.This co-host once got stuck in a bog, lost her boots and had to go to a piano lesson with half her clothes missing (because mud).

Lizzi – don’t know where any bogs are so…..”

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