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Invention Alert!

The Mother of ALLLLL INVENTIONS.  You know you want it.  I know I do.  You scream, I scream, we all scream for ….



Photo on 6-6-13 at 8.54 AM

But I can’t take all credit for this idea.  I really and truly can’t.  So Marianne at We Band of Mothers – my hat goes off to you – I kneel at the feet of your wisdom – and I think I love you for saying this : “…..The Pinterest World tells us to feel something different, but I like Real World Moms so much better.”  My creative juices were…juiced.  Sparked.  Inspired.

I wrote a post on The Epistolarians about not loving being a parent.  Well…not all of the time anyways.  And part of the reason for my discontent is the amount of pressure I apply to MYSELF.  I want to be the perfect June Cleaver Mother.  I want to do fun crafts with my spawn.  To teach her to read before kindie.  To run in the tall grass (after a good dousing of DEET – deer ticks are baaaad this year).

She is currently watching one of the most annoying shows ever created while I write today.

Mother of the Year award – I want you to exist for those of us who do what it takes to survive, make it through the day, work, parent, and exist.  Not just for the moms who are capable of doing it all.  I used to strive to be more like them.  Now…I’m happy if we make it through the day without losing or leaving any spawn behind at an event (yup – been there, done that), if they’re all fed (only miss this one once in a while – they complain too much if we don’t feed them), and if they have a smile or twenty during the day.

Now in order to make us not so perfect moms feel better, I purpose : ANTI-PINTERST.

Anti-Pinterest : (noun) : ant-I-Pin-ter-est : A webpage (created by someone who has time) where ideas to survive are laid out in the bare essentials.  Crafting ideas are not allowed.  Pretty housing creations are not allowed.  Perfect looking dinners are not allowed.  Anti-Pinterest is the place where we normal moms can go, relax, have a margarita appear out of the USB drive of whatever device is still working after being mauled by whichever spawn used it, dropped it in the sand, toilet, sink or porta-pot, and our spawn will MAGICALLY entertain themselves safely, and we will be CONTENT with whatever that activity happens to be.

I am claiming part ownership of this wondrous thing.  Marianne at We Band of Mothers will receive %60 of all royalties as I wouldn’t have had the Anti-Pinterest Epiphany without her.  For those of you wishing to subscribe…well…good luck.  I sure has hell don’t have time right now to create this.  But – I will CLAIM ownership rights if I see it pop up anywhere soon.  After I kiss whoever took the time to make it.

So Jenn at Something Clever 2.0 hosts Theme Thursday along with The Next StepThe Insomniac’s Dream, and Mom With Her Running Shoes On and today’s theme :Things someone should invent.  And if you’re short on coffee, the above post is what I think someone should invent.  Go check out the awesome bloggers listed above and you’ll find some amazing writers.  You’ll also find some more amazing bloggers linked up on their …

EJ out – to feed a spawn and get on with my rainy day.  And try to keep today’s schedule straight – Eldest Female Spawn has ball at 5:30 in place.  Eldest Spawn has orchestra concert at 7pm across town.  Littlest Spawn has t-ball at 5:30 as well.  On a different field in the same place as Eldest Female Spawn.  Second Eldest Female Spawn has best speak up because she doesn’t have to be anywhere so I hope we don’t leave her somewhere.

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Pretty Girl Designs

So being the Awesome Evil Joy I am (sort of like Will.i.am), I’m helping host a bridal shower for my niece this month.  The invites are one of my responsibilities seeing as I live 5 hours from where the event is going to be held, it’s not at my house, and in general, I can’t pop down for a few hours here and there to help get things ready.  (Although I will be there for the weekend.)

I looked at Target.  I looked at Wal-Mart.  I looked at Michaels.  I looked at Hallmark.  I look at … even Fleet Farm.

Nothing was special enough.

Then………Darcy.  I thought of Darcy.

She is Darcy of Pretty Girl Designs.


She is freaking amazing.  Darcy will create new items for you, edit existing templates, make your day…..  Pretty much do whatever you need.  And FAST!!!  I Facebooked her and asked her help – in my normal psychotic “OMG I NEED HELP!!!” way.  She had them designed, ordered, and DELIVERED in under 24 hours.  24 HOURS PEOPLE!

Just a few things from her Etsy page…….

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 6.37.08 AM

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 6.38.30 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-05 at 6.38.40 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-05 at 6.38.59 AM

Please do yourselves a favor – check her out.

Blog  : Pretty Girl Designs

Facebook : Pretty Girl Designs

Etsy : prettygirlshops

And in addition, Darcy does photography and has written a BOOK!!!  “My Mom Snaps” is available on her website and at Amazon.  Click here to buy it.

So if you need invites, note cards, thank yous, note pads, or a good read, check out Pretty Girl Designs.  You won’t regret it.  I promise.

(And no, I wasn’t compensated to write this.  I just love her work.)

EJ out – to catch up from my 13 hours of migraine sleep where I did nothing…..but sleep.  And the house and spawn….did…nothing either….only allowing for destruction.

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(graphic source : pretty girl designs)

The Epistolarians

Today I have a guest post up on The Epistolarians.  Check it out.  And while you’re there…check out the rest!  Amazing site – amazing women.  Honored to be a part of it for one day!

The Epistolarians

Rants by Evil Joy

Today’s Theme Thursday hosted by Something Clever 2.0The Next StepThe Insomniac’s Dream, and Mom With Her Running Shoes On.  The topic rants – actually – it’s “What drives you crazy?” but I’m going with Rant.  And I – being the Evil Awesome Overachiever I am – have TWO!

RANT #1 :

Let me paint you a picture.  Beloved Dr. Evil turns 39 TODAY and I want his birthday to be perfect.  In every way.  In the “I’m willing to be June Cleaver wife” today perfect.  (Minus the dress and pearls…not a fan of pearls…and I’m too busy for a dress.)

Saturday I took him on an adventure.  To a local (to the cities) business.  We were assisted by this amazing lady.  She knew her stuff, helped us make a decision, and gave us an estimate for The Big Green Egg.  After some long and hard thinking, Dr. Evil decided to take the leap and make the investment I wanted him to as a birthday/Father’s Day gift.

Tuesday I called.  They would call me back – couldn’t find the estimate.  Wednesday morning I called – they couldn’t find the estimate.  Wednesday night I called and was very succinct and told them I needed to place an order to be delivered today (Thursday are the delivery day for our area).

“Well, I work only at night and there are no notes here about anything.  Delivery tomorrow is impossible.”

I went a little Evil on her Arse.  “I have called your business multiple trying to make a rather large sale and now you can’t meet my requirements.  You have dropped the ball and I will be doing my business elsewhere.”  Proverbial slam of the first finger to the “End” button on my phone.  And by the way – it’s not the same as slamming a phone into the holder attached to the wall.  Not.The.Same.

Now I know “a rather large sale” to me and a rather large sale to them are two different things.  I get that.  But seriously for being a business that advertises it customer service and usually does such an amazing job of it….I’m Evil Angry.  What the heck people?!?  Get your Evil Crap together and be efficient and business like and do your freaking job!!!!  Normally not a big deal – I can be pretty easy-going.  Especially if you don’t try to place the ‘blame’ on me – I called DumbArse – multiple times.  COME ON!!!!

Photo on 5-30-13 at 7.00 AM

Come on!?! Oh – check out (in the background) the curtains and rod I hung all by my Evil self! I’m pretty handy!

And being stubborn (me – never – oh no – I’m not in the least bit stubborn), I will either 1.) refuse to do business there and find another place 2.) go there in person and demand a discount and also speak to a manager and fill out comment cards there and on-line 3.) order the damn thing and suck it up.

I will report back with my decision….which will heavily rely on other locations that sell The Big Green Egg.


While in Virginia meeting my blogging idol Snarkfest we ran the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon.  And like every other large race, there was an expo – a bunch of businesses peddling their wares at packet pickup.  I found these awesome shirts.  “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.”  “Mother Runner.”  Just plain fun.  And seeing as I forgot a shirt to run in, I was needing to make a purchase.  And seriously – these shirts were so fun – I would likely have purchased 3 or more…a couple for me and a couple for gifts.  Then……

This young man (early 20’s I’d guess – maybe younger – yes – definitely younger because that means I’m still pretty young right?) says to me, while straightening up what I was looking at, “You know – those are ALL smalls.  Bigger shirts are here.”  It wasn’t just what he said, but how he said it.

“I know.  I’m aware these are smalls.  But thanks for pointing out smalls won’t fit me.”

Arsehat.  You sort of had to be there to get the full effect.  I was channeling my inner Snark and was a little – shall we say – Snarotty.  Snarky and Snotty.  And honestly – I think he was annoyed I was going through his neatly organized rack.  Then shocked at my comment.  I derived a little fun from that…..come one – I’m Evil Joy after all.

What made this all better was the awesome reaction of Snarkfest and her running pal Lisa The Nazi Crack Ho.  (I have no idea how that became her running name – other than the woman can run like no other – will run with other people struggling to finish a race after she’s completed it – I mean jump back on the course and get them to the end – and she’s just plain awesome.)  “Did you really just say that?”  I thought Lisa was going to laugh out a kidney.  And Snarkfest was indignantly laughing right along with me.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 7.06.24 AM

I’ve decided I need to be turtle like.  Go inside my shell and let the stuff roll off me.  I’ve had my rants – and my coffee – I’m ready for the day.  Bring it Thursday.


Oh God help me.  I’m going on a field trip with 2nd graders.  Remember the last field trip I went on – this is another play.  Actually two plays separated by a fair outside – I hope I don’t nap during BOTH plays.  I have a problem people, a problem.  I fall asleep during plays with school kids.  Can’t.Keep.My.Eyes.Open.

EJ out – to figure out how to take caffeine via IV so I will be alert the entire day.

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And one last thing – go check out the others linked up at Something Clever 2.0The Next StepThe Insomniac’s Dream, and Mom With Her Running Shoes On.  Those four are amazing bloggers and us tag alongs are soooo thankful for them!!!

“What’s Up?”

So…what to write about today….  There are a million things on my mind.  And my mind is racing is through each and every one of those things – sometimes two or three at a time….so….like on the Price Is Right – I’ll spin the wheel – the winner is :

Dr. Evil’s Birthday.  Tomorrow….he’s having his birthday!  Woot Woot!

I woke up at 5 am this morning, fell back asleep and woke up at 5:45 to Dr. Evil chuckling.  I asked, “What’s up?”  He read me the forecast for tomorrow :

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 7.22.46 AM

At least the temps are in the 70’s, right?  Maybe ball will be rained out and we can cook dinner at home and eat all together, at the same time, not at 4:30pm, and not in a rush.  Yeah right!  Ball must go on – rain or shine – but not if there’s lightning…..

You know what else is tomorrow?  This will be delivered :

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 7.27.22 AM


THE Big Green Egg.  It’s coming people.  I have saved to cover part of the cost….the rest…well…it’ll be paid off next month.

I decided I was sick of Dr. Evil needing to purchase a new grill every couple of years due to maintenance, weather wear, or lack of craftsmanship.

So I did my research.  A lot of research.  A LOT of research.  I decided this was the best option.  Now….would Dr. Evil agree?  To find out – because frankly – at this cost – if it’s not perfect for him – I would be devastated.  So Saturday after his 20 mile run, my 15 mile run +5 mile injury walk, we got cleaned up (THANK GOD!), got in the truck – all six of us – stopped for pizza (too tired to cook after that run), then… onto the interstate.  He didn’t know where we were going – I just told him to get on I-494.  He guessed where we going shortly after I told him the 7th Street Exit.  (And…he saw my posts on Facebook about his grill and smoker free for the taking.)

Wow.  These things are impressive.  And expensive.  The research I had completed did not include the most recent price increase.  He looked – at several options.  I told him I didn’t care if he didn’t want The Big Green Egg but I wanted him to pick out a grill/smoker.  After receiving the sales pitch (and she knew her stuff) – we got an estimate – found out the delivery dates – and decided to think on it.

Several people had input – both good and bad – mostly good.  Dr. Evil decided…”Yes.”

So shortly here  I will be placing an order.  Because Dr. Evil rocks.  It’s his 39th birthday.  And I’m looking forward to celebrating it together – and celebrating each and every other day as well…except when he annoys my arse.  Then….I think about changing the locks.  Just kidding…sort of.  <INSERT EVIL GRIN>

Happy Birthday Dr. Evil!  I love you and glad you decided to – in your words – “not get stuck at 37” – (thoughts shared mid-run flow deep).


EJ out – to prepare two grills and one smoker for disposal.

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Theme Thursday….EVIL…

Well now how could I not participate in Something Clever 2.0’s Theme Thursday when the theme is …..

EVIL…..da da dummmmmmmmm.

After all, Evil Joy…Evil…ya know…just in case you didn’t see the obvious connection…..


Evil.  What is Evil but the inverse of Good?

I’ll tell you what it is.  It’s a lot of things…there’s Good Evil…there’s Naughty Evil…there’s just plain Evil…and then…the Evil Mold was broken when Evil Joy was spawned.


Many people ask me, “Why Evil Joy?”  I often answer, “Why not?  You know I’m not really Evil right?”

Some of the reasons I’m Evil Joy :

1. Who else could make fun of their husband while he’s fighting for his life in a coma?

2. Who else can call their beloved children “spawn begotten of Evil Joy?”

3. Who else can post things hard for a normal person to write?

4. Who else gets to be snarky and sassy when the Real Joy doesn’t want to be?


I am a huge people pleaser.  HUGE PEOPLE PLEASER……  I want everyone to like me.  I want to please people.  I want to make sure they’re happy and comfortable and have a favorable day.  I do this all the time.  Sometimes at my own expense.

However..in the last couple of years…that part of my personality has shifted.  I’m learning to say “No…I’m sorry but I can’t help this time.”  And I’m learning to fight off the EVIL DISAPPOINTMENT in myself for not being able to do it all and more.  Learning that valuing myself and the time I need is not being selfish.


So I challenge you …. be a little – just a little – Evil today….if good can come from it.  Only then is Evil a Good thing.


EJ out – to be Evil Mama and turn off a show in the middle – watch out – Littlest Spawn may be Evil Loud.


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Check out Something Clever 2.0 – this Theme Thursday thing is her deal and she totally rocks it.



How lucky am I? I mean – in all seriousness….I am sitting in the living room of an award winning author 1,000 miles from home. Just chillin…. Who gets to do that?!?!?

Me, dammit, that’s who!!!

Dr. Evil’s travels have perks….frequent flyer miles and hotel points. He is generous with those. Didn’t hesitate a second when I asked him about this weekend. “You should go. You deserve it. Enjoy yourself!”

And when Snarkfest asked me if I wanted to come out I asked back did you mean that message for me? Her reply, “Of course!”

So i booked a ticket 10 minutes later and registered for the race!!! Look out West Virginia – Evil Joy is invading!!

Yesterday afternoon I arrived and Snarkfest and her family and snarky family of friends folded me and made me feel like a rockstar! Totally inclusive and like they’d known me forever! Amazing!!! I even am now stalking some of them on Facebook!! Bawahahahahhaha!!! Teresa….yes you…..

And bonus – Snarkfest had a book signing at a sweet local shop Four Seasons Books. And more bonus…. Naps Happen participated in the book signing. I’ve now met three of the 37 authors.

And this morning – it’s quiet and peaceful. I called my spawnily and they are doing great and wished me a good time.


And now….Snarkfest, Lisa the Nazi Crack Ho and I – Evil Joy – are off to Fredericksburg, Virginia for the Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon. The race is tomorrow! I am psyched.

Thanks Snarkfest. In Dr. Evil’s words. “Good thing she’s not a 55 year old man in real life… Just kidding!!” I am having a great weekend!!! You.are.a.maze.balls!!!!!

EJ out – to look forward so I don’t get sick in Lisa’s vehicle. I think I’m a little scared of her….hehehehehehe

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Reactions…and Judgements

How do you react to how you react?

Yes – that is what I meant to say.

I find myself judging my reactions all to often.  Why?  Why do I judge myself for having normal feelings?  Or abnormal ones – for that matter?

We’ve learned growing up to be thankful, kind, respectful, and compassionate.  To not covet what we don’t have but to be happy with what we do have.  Don’t wish away today.

All of those things and more.


Outwardly – I pretty much always react appropriately.  Inside – not always the case.


And when inside it’s not always the case – I beat myself up about it over and over.  And over and over.

Finally I’m learning to accept how I feel and – feel it.  NOT JUDGE IT.  Let it go and move on.  I don’t have to feel badly over being mad at a situation or person.  I don’t have to feel guilty about the FEELINGS I experienced.  I’m human.

Can I strive to be better?  Always.  Can I strive to teach my spawn to be compassionate loving humans?  Of course.

Am I going to be pissed off my spawn didn’t make (fill in the blank)?  Of course – they’re my spawn and I love them above all.  Do I have to feel badly I’m jealous a bit of those who made the (fill in the blank)?

No.  I just need to experience the emotion and let it go.



Do you find yourself judging…yourself?  How do you deal with it?  Leave me a comment and tell me!!


EJ out – to get spawn to orchestra – because – of course – cellos can’t go on the bus.  That would be…..so much easier.


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(graphic source :dailydivineblessings.blogspot.com)

Secret Swap – Top 10 Things….

10 Things You Should Never Say to an Evil Joy in May.

#1.  Oh look – snow!

#2.  “This is the Hudson School District.  Due to in-climate weather conditions, snow, ice, and poor road conditions, Hudson Schools will be closed on Tuesday, May 2, 2013.”

#3.  “Mom – look!  You parked in the driveway like you always do in the spring!  The truck is completely covered in snow!  You can’t see a single bit of it!”

#4.  “Mom – where are my snow pants?”

#5.  “Excel energy apologizes for your power outage.  Due to heavy snowfall and downed tree limbs, lines have been affected.  Currently 5000 homes in your area are without power.  There is no estimated time for repair at this time.”

#6.  “Mom!  Burton is stuck in the snow!  He’s too short.  And he’s way out in the wild grass!  Where’s my boots?  Where’s my coat?  I have to save the little buddy!” (after saying “treat” in the world’s most annoying pitch, Jumping Jack Flash bounds over the drifts and comes inside of his own free will.)

#7.  “Ummm.  Mom…there’s no water.”  To which I reply, “There’s no power for the well pump therefore this is no running water right now.  Drink milk.”   “Mom – can I wash poop off my hands with milk?”

#8.  Dr. Evil, “Yeah, once I crossed the river and got to work – there’s not a single flake of snow over here.”  Bite me.

#9.  It’ll be 70 soon enough.  (Well….yeah…but today…bite me.)

and finally….

# 10.  Look!  The Mall of America Nickelodeon Universe is pretty much empty because everyone in Minnesota has school today!  Lots of ride time, little line time!!!

The above is a Top 10 list I HAD to write after Hudson, WI received record snowfall and winter conditions on 02 May, 2013.  Below is the list I originally wrote.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman (otherwise know as the Top 10 Worst Things Said to Evil Joy When She Was Pregnant with Second Eldest Female Spawn)

#1.  Wow!  You’re huge!  Due date is next week right?  (No – I’m 5 months along.)

#2.  Oh I never threw up during pregnancy.  (I threw up 3 or more times a day the ENTIRE TIME!)

#3.  Are you having twins?  No…triplets?!  (I was having one – and she was the smallest baby we had at 7lbs 13 oz)

8-10-2005 4-03-22 PM

#4.  Did you mean to get pregnant again?!

#5.  I never got my body back after my third baby.  Good luck!  (Said to Evil Joy on a treadmill sweating my pregnant arse off.)

#6.  Oh, you’re not trying for a VBAC after having two c-sections?  It’s not good for babies to be born via c-section you know.

#7.  Wow.  Three kids.  That’s going to be a lot of work.  (no shit Sherlock – but thanks for making it sound awful!)

#8.  Oh.  You’re not using cloth diapers?  You don’t care about the environment you’re leaving for your children to deal with?  (I’m already pretty emotional as a person…add a growing person inside of me and you can prevent drought in most of the world with the tears I shed.)

#9.  Hope this one doesn’t have the same eye issues as your oldest.  Did you notice his eyes cross without his glasses?  (Duh.  Why else would he be wearing bi-focals and gee – we never pay any attention to our children’s eye health – don’t most kids have 5 screenings before age 2 with a pediatric ophthalmologist?)

and finally #10.  Oh, I’m sorry.  I see it’s your birthday..I wish I could tell you this on a different day.  This test shows you have Chlamydia. …… Your husband must be cheating since you’re not.  But try to have a Happy Birthday. (and by the way – the test was WRONG! and there are new testing procedures in place.)

This is a part of  Take One of May’s Secret Subject Swaps. This week, 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Secret Subject Swap

My Awesome Prompt “10 things you should never say to” was submitted by: They call me Mummy.  Go check her out – amazing posts!!!!

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts.  Sit back, grab a cup, and check them all out. See you there:

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They call me Mummy

Evil Joy Speaks

EJ out – to clean a house.  Not my own – why would I do that?!

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Good Samaritans – Theme Thursday

Good Samaritans come in all shapes and sizes.  They are the glue of our society.  Pay it Forward.  Do unto others.  Be kind.  Share.  Respect.

We’ve been blessed with the work of Good Samaritans more times that any one family ever should.  When Dr. Evil was earning his PhD. at Regions Hospital people did the following things (and I KNOW I’m forgetting some….)

1. Cleaned my house – and it was destroyed!

2. Did all of my laundry – and there were mountainS

3.  Watched my spawn.  For weeks.  This brings me to tears each and every time I think about the love they gave my children so I could be with Dr. Evil.

4.  Fixed my van and paid for new tires.

5.  Took care of me.  In so many ways.  From bring soda and gluten-free snacks to going for walks to telling me it was time to go home and see my family when no one else could get through to me.

6. Provided Christmas for my spawn.  And in all ways.  Dinner was provided.  ALL the gifts (and there were so many we actually donated some to the Children’s Hospital).

7.  Brought my spawnily dinner for months.  Multiple times a week.  And not just your average whatever.  People went all out and my spawn were fed delicious and healthy food.

8. Gas cards to help with getting to and from the hospital, getting the spawn to and from the places they stayed, and for getting to and from the Multitude of appointments Dr. Evil had once released.

9.  A Benefit.  They threw a benefit for Dr. Evil.  A Benefit…..there are no words …. and the generosity of everyone who came, donated, worked, organized….

10. Love – cards, notes, friendship, prayer, good wishes.

Each and every kind thought someone had for us during that HELLISH time was the act of a Good Samaritan making it little better each and every day.

Go look for the Good Samaritan in those around you.  Model it.  Show your spawn how to be a Good Samaritan.  I love hearing stories of Good Samaritans.  They warm my heart in a way not much else does – beside the hugs of my spawn….

I challenge each of you to be a Good Samaritan today.  What can you do to make life better for one person today?  Maybe it’s simply opening a door.  Maybe it’s paying for their coffee or lunch.  Maybe it’s sending a note to someone you know needs a little extra support.

Do it.

What are your experiences with either being a Good Samaritan or being on the receiving end?  Share your story with me.  Leave me a comment.


Jenn over at Something Clever 2.0 hosts this link up – Theme Thursday – and today – if you couldn’t tell – the theme : Good Samaritan.

EJ out – to teach my spawn to be Good Samaritans today and everyday.

If you’re feeling generous – two things.

1.  Go check out the link up – there are amazing bloggers – especially Jenn at Something Clever 2.0 – in the link.

2.  Click on the juggling lady up there on the right.  You’ll cast a vote for me at Top Mommy Blogs.  I’m trying to stay in the top 25 Humor blogs!  Help a girl out!

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