“How do you write best? What’s your ideal situation?”

Well…let’s see. Right now the Women’s US Soccer Team is playing on the big television in the living room with three children in front of it commenting loudly on each and every play. I’m standing in the kitchen with my back to the island. On the island the mixer is going to make home made pasta. Directly in front of me the Sound Freak is blasting “Pool Mashup : Just the Way You Are” by the Barden Bellas. Two more kids are helping Dr. Evil with the pasta. Three kids just asked if they could go the trampoline. Dogs are barking. My neighbor just popped over to claim a kid or two. I’m looking up a strawberry bread recipe because I promised Littlest we would make banana bread but Dr. Evil and Eldest ate all the bananas.




Littlest helps Dr. Evil


Neighbor kiddo helps Dr. Evil

And I sit – or rather stand – here and type a blog post.

Some days the disorder that is my life makes me want to rip all my hair out. Today…it’s fuel for my soul. It may be bedlam – but it’s chaos we’re blessed with and I’m going to embrace the hell out it.

“The Magic in Me” is playing now and I feel like these children, dogs, and all the noises around me are magic. After a crappy day where more things went wrong than went right I welcome this loud, loving, insanity inducing mess.

Right now in this moment, this is my ideal. Other days I’m fortunate enough to go sit at a local coffee shop, listen to some instrumental, jazz, or whatever music suits my fancy, and pound away on my laptop. Sometimes I sit in bed and type away while Dr. Evil watches something on the television, occasionally with the backs of his eyelids. Other times I’m in my car waiting to pick up or drop off a kid. On rare occasions I sit at my kitchen table and concentrate. I send my loving family outside (READ : anywhere but where I am) and accomplish great feats (in my mind).

I want to be a lot of things and blogger is at the top of my list. Today being a blogger means writing this in the middle of my life as it happens.

Yes, that is a retainer on the counter. Gross.

Yes, that is a retainer on the counter. Gross. And some sad sunflowers. And a house knick knack thing from Switzerland. And my diet coke with Heizenberg staring me down..

I’ll take it.

How do you do what you best?

EJ out – to jump with the Littles and chop some strawberries.