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Cheap….I mean Frugal…..

With four spawn, 2 dogs, a house, a car and truck…and a Dr. Evil who likes Sam’s Club (I know…it’s all food….) I am the cheapest person around.  Seeing as I don’t work outside the lair…part of my job as I see it is to save where I can.

Hence…sewing snow pants back together multiple times.  And with the wrong thread color because…why would I buy some when I have some I can use?  And not only that – I didn’t even buy these snow pants…not on clearance or anything.  They were given to us.  And I’m so crazy cheap I refuse to cut and hem them because if I just fold them and keep them from falling apart – next year they’ll fit perfectly and once again…I won’t have to buy snow pants for one or more spawn.

IMG_4122 IMG_4123



And it’s not like we’re broke or anything.  We’re not rolling in it.  But we have more than enough, especially considering there are those without snow pants at all …….or shelter or food.  Since Dr. Evil didn’t kick the bucket, I’ve been slightly more relaxed about money.  And now I’ve gotten over that part too.  I’m back to my penny-pinching ways.  I started buying Melaleuca because it negates the need to ever go to Target or Wal-Mart.  I haven’t been to Target since December and not to Wal-Mart since November.  It’s one month expenditure that is much less than three or more trips a month to one or both of those stores.  I switched all prescriptions to a place with a drive through so I don’t even have to go in the store and be tempted to look around.

My only weakness….well…one of my few weaknesses…..convenience dinner.  Ordering pizza.  Eating lunch out.  I don’t do these things often, but they are the one place I could spend a little less.  But frankly…I don’t spend any other money most all month and those are my little ‘treats’ to myself.  And once we start training for the marathon – I’m sure those treats will be replaced with purchasing running shoes and we go through them a little faster than normal with the mileage we’ll be putting in.

So all in all…I’m cheap.  Frugal sounds better.  But frankly….cheap is more accurate.  Our spawn aren’t in many activities.  We don’t want to spend the funds.  Or the gas driving them there.  Or the family time apart.  We are so busy in the summer that in the non-summer….we just hang out.  And snowboard.  Which we paid for one time.  And only needed to go 6 times to make it worth it.  Seeing as I went 6 times in the last 9 days….yeah…I’m cheap.


Where do you save money?  Coupons?  Making your own cleaning products?  Give me ideas people!  I need to be even cheaper!!!!

EJ out – to find some Diet Dew.

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  1. Wish I could say I was thrifty but I’m not. I try, I really do. I don’t buy lunch or dinner out very often. That’s something, right? And I charge my kids when I drive them to school, so that’s another way I make money. 🙂

    • Your kids are saving me money – I was one of those who pledged to give a quarter if they made it so many days in a row! And I think by trying, that makes you thrifty. I just tend to be extreme in certain ways. And I suppose I could give up pop – would be good for a number of reasons – health – and financial. Yup – I drink that much….Here’s to you not making money driving them!


  2. I rarely buy pre-packaged foods and since I have the time, I make most things from scratch. It tastes way better and doesn’t have all the bad stuff in it. We created a “better than Barkers” Friday night dinner perfecting all of our favorites from there which can save our family of 5 at least $50! Also, I stock up on the Amish chicken at Fresh and Natural and make it about 100 different ways. I’m also trying my hand at a community garden lot this spring. I might not be as tempted to waste the food that I have a hand in creating!

    • Amy – that’s awesome!!! I try to buy in bulk especially if it’s on sale! I need to hear more about this 100 different ways to make chicken!! We tend to poach and then shred and use several different ways. And I totally want the Better than Barkers recipes – love love love that place!!!! email me! eviljoyspeaks@gmail.com

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