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Come Again?

Eldest Spawn is trying to flex his pre-teen muscles.



I say something like, “The dog needs to go for a walk.” Implying directly he should take the dog for a walk.

He replies, “Sounds like fun.” And walks over to the XBox.

Come again?! Ummm. No. That did not just happen.

Oh yes it did.

And oh yes, I addressed it.

They are returning from the walk shortly. Both dogs and Eldest Spawn.

Moral of the story? Don’t mess with Evil Joy. But really…don’t mess with Mom. Ever. Got it?




  1. Hope he enjoyed his walk. The dog too. 🙂 Way to go, Mom!!

    • I was slightly Evvvvilllll….he left with Burton Puppy and Shadow the Dog was whining so I let her out – ooops. Then she took off and he had to chase her all over the neighborhood. And I didn’t even feel badly!! Bawahahahahahahaha!

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