Evil Joy here with a post on Dr. Evil and his amazing, money saving fix it skills!

So…remember the Evil Loud Sucky Dryer (Evil Sucky Loud Dryer….).  It was getting worse and worse.  And worse.  To the point of the Spawn being seriously upset when I had to use the dryer.  The noise was awful.  And Evil Fear kept me from running it when I was away from the house – what if the silly thing caught fire?

Dr. Evil took the dryer apart on Sunday.  I will admit I figured we’d be buying a new dyer on Monday.  He’s very smart but the dryer sounded so awful I thought it was bound for the Evil Dryer Graveyard.

My entryway/laundry room (a whole ‘nother post exists in those 4 words – who in their right mind designs a laundry room in the same space as the family entrance from the garage?  Not someone with four kids, four backpacks, four winter coats…..I digress) looked like this until late last night (Wednesday)…..


Dr. Evil with his Evil Head Lamp on to fight the Evil Noise emitting from the Evil Sucky Dryer…..

Actually it was a bit worse for the dayS it was apart – the drum of the dryer was on the floor – and obviously – it’s nearly as large as the dryer.

Now…when Dr. Evil was earning his PhD, I’ve mentioned how messy the house was.  Well, hand in hand with that…I was so very very very behind on laundry.  Those same wonderful friends and family helped us out there too.  But they all agreed our dryer was so crappy, they took the wet laundry to their houses and did it there.  Two of them even tried cleaning out the piping running from outside the house in case it was blocked….may I remind you this was winter…in Wisconsin.  I was aware it wasn’t great, but unaware of how Evil Sucky it really was.

Life continued and the Evil Sucky Dryer got more Evil and More Sucky.  And Louder.  Way way louder.  Nails on the chalk board loud – and that’s sort of what it sounded like. And because it was so Evil Sucky, every load had to be dryer two full cycles to get it dry…and small loads because large loads would NEVER dry.  Forget more than one towel or sweatshirt at a time….No Way on that…  I even have a system where I was a load to be dried, dry it, wash another load to go on the line, restart dryer for first load, wash a third load and then the dryer is nearly finished.

So Dr. Evil took the Evil Sucky Dryer apart.  Into many pieces.  Lots of pieces.  I admit, again, I feared a new dryer purchase was in our future.  The number of pieces was reinforcing this fear.

Part of the issue was this : it was residing in the unreachable part of the lint trap – under in the housing….


Nasty compacted lint stuck in a place you can’t get to unless you have a Dr. Evil to take your dryer apart…..

He also found the part he needed to order.  And to save what little is left of my sanity he paid as much for expedited shipping as the part.

The part arrived to an empty house.  Therefore, it went to the post office.  Grrrrr.  Luckily he was out and about early from work and could stop and get it.

Low and behold Dr. Evil was home, the part was here, and the Female Spawn were running around crazy while he went to work.  He needed a surgical assistant, yours truly, Evil Joy.  I got to hold the drum in my hand…well, with all of my fingers and lots of muscle – that stupid thing is heavy.

After lots of Evil Head Lamp using and Evil Screw Driving twisting, the Evil Sucky Dryer is now…….

Evil Dryer Working Amazingly Well!!!!!

So….EJ – have a little more faith in your man.  He’s smart, he’s awesome….He’s Dr. Evil!

Dryer – keep on working – God knows you’re going to be put through your paces as I haven’t done laundry in 6 days.

Lint – stay where you’re suppose to stay and quit making my Evil Dryer the Evil Sucky Loud Dryer.

Part making noise – stay lubricated – no more noise from you!

EJ out – to utlize my now Amazingly Awesome Evil Dryer.

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