Okay if my dreams are suppose to reveal something it must be that I’m Evil Messed Up.

Same one for four days.  Vivid.  Seems very important at the time.  Wake up remembering everything.  And feeling tired.  So very tired.

There’s this frog or toad.  It’s 12 to 14 inches across its body at its widest point.  About as long.  But it has these realllllly scrawny legs.  And this ballooned torso.  And for some reason it able to jump from behind my refrigerator, through the cabinets, into the stove, and back into more cabinets.  The Evil Kitchen has been Willy Wanka’ed in my dreams – it’s not laid out as it is in real life and makes no sense in how it’s arranged.  The Spawn are trying to catch it.  I’m not bothered so much by frogs and toads, but Eldest Female Spawn – she LOVES them.  A lot.

The Spawn moved the stove out of the wall.  Manage to rip the gas line out.  (We have an electric stove in real life…)  I’m all worried about the house blowing up.  And this giant frog getting cooked.  In My Oven.  Yuck.  And the frog is continuing to hop back and forth through the kitchen.

Eldest Female Spawn catches it – and it turns her into an Evil Adult.  Me.  And I freak out.  Then pass out.  And….

Wake up.

Yeah…may be time to seek therapy.

Any weird dreams going on for anyone else out there?  Share – I promise to respond.  And maybe even be snarky.  Bawhahahahaha.

EJ out – to mop my floor.  So someone can spill milk on it tonight.  Guaranteed.

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