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I can’t even begin like normal – it seems disrespectful.

Our 13.5 yr old miniature schnauzer Fizzgig died yesterday.  He was old, only had one eye, mostly blind in the other eye, going deaf, and starting to show signs of doggie dementia.  He drove me nuts.

But I loved him.

And I ran him over.


I had half the damn neighborhood in the car – it was pouring so I drove the short distance to get kids off the bus.  Thankfully another adult was with me – coming to get two of the kiddos I had get in out of the rain.  6 kids, 2 adults in the car.  Dogs outside.  Pulling into the garage because of the rain.

No sooner had I said “It’s good – they always move out of the way….”

I have unbelievable neighbors.  Brent was on travel.  He called Amy – she drove right over.  Julie and Scott were here in an instant.  S and R’s babysitter took all the kids home and fed them while we dealt with Fizzy.  We…I didn’t do anything.  Amy and Scott took care of him and Julie took care of the kids.  Brent got on a plane and came right home.

Amy and Scott dug a nice hole for him and we laid him to rest out in the weeds where he chased deer, mice, birds, ground squirrels, and moles.  There’s a nice layout of limestone on top of his grave.  Sadie is going to paint it and make it pretty and we’re planting some flowers around him.

Bye Fizzy.  I’m sorry.  I know it was an accident and I griped about you a lot – you liked to bark and were very good at it – but I still miss you.


  1. Awwwwwww. I can’t even imagine how awful you must’ve felt. How did the kids deal with that?

    • Kids were actually more okay with it than I was. They cried because I cried. Then Eldest Female Spawn asked for a puppy that night. Eldest Spawn kept telling me it was okay – he was old. (Eldest Spawn is an old soul) The littles didn’t really care too much – I mean they cared – but weren’t inconsolable or anything. They were excited for a late evening playdate on a school night with their best buddy.

      I always joked about running him over. He was a major pain in the ass. But I loved him nonetheless. Complained about him all the time. Joked with close friends about taking a hit out on him – ie you back over him when you leave okay? I’ll clean your house if you do.

      But…it was meant to be. Thank God it was his head and the truck. There was no suffering.

      Now Littlest Spawn tells everyone I smooshed Fizzy. I get a lot of weird looks….

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