Evil Joy here with a post on innocence, rude strangers, and kind strangers.

So….nearly a month ago, I ran over my dog.  I.Still.Feel.Awful.

Fizzgig…I was so determined his name had to be Fizzgig (from the Dark Crystal) as our first, slightly older (only a month) miniature schnauzer was named Einstein.  (Yes…Dr. Evil and I are major geeks…what do you expect when you get a Chemical Engineer with a Masters together with a Mathematician?)

The poor dog already had one strike against him with his name.  Then…there was the eye incident.  After said incident, he had only one eye.  And it didn’t work well.  And he was somewhat deaf.  And starting to show signs of doggie dementia.  

So…out and about from our lair…Sweet Spawn #4 asked….”Mom, why did you run over Fizzgig?”

Followed by a rude stranger saying…”I can’t believe you did that…and your daughter knows it!  That’s awful!”

Followed by Spawn #4….”Mommy didn’t mean to.  It was an accident.  He ran under the tire.  She cried a lot.”

Followed by kind stranger…”I’m sorry that happened.  Your daughter seems to being doing well with the accident.”

Of course rude stranger had my feathers ruffled while kind stranger calmed them and brought a few shared tears.

Rude people – stuff it.  Go suck a tree.  I hope you realize my 4 yr Spawn #4 has more compassion and understanding than your sorry self.

Kind people – You.Rock.  Big.Time.  Thanks for speaking up when you could have quietly walked away.

Spawn – I love you always.

EJ out – to hug a Spawn.

RIP Fizzy