Evil Joy here with a post causing me to brim over with happiness.  I’m humbled by how generous my 6 yr old Spawn is – she donated 10+ inches of her hair to Locks of Love on Friday.

Dr. Evil had to agree – he has Evil Love of the Evil Long Hair – I have Evil Real World Mom Approach to Hair – get rid of as much of it as possible.  I told her if she wanted it cut, she had to do the leg work with Dr. Evil.  Since he was on the Evil Travel, she grabbed my phone and called him straight away.  She left him the sweetest message : “Daddy.  I want to cut my hair short.  I want to donate my hair.  Please Daddy!?!!  I miss you.  See you tomorrow when you get home.  Love you Daddy.  Bye Daddy.”

Well….Dr. Evil agreed.  (How could anyone say no to such a Sweet Spawn?!)   And she is so Evil Stinking Cute.  What a neat Spawn we have!?!?!


Have any of you done this or known someone who has?  Or known someone who benefited from such a cool program?!  Let me know!!

EJ out – to put sugared up Spawn to bed before collapsing myself.