Evil Joy here with a post on craziness….and how craziness makes me calm….

See…I’m good when I’m busy.  When I’m not busy – not good.  I can think and ponder.  And worry and plan.  And analyze.  So I’ve been working on not being busy….not very hard though….and I’m reverting to my busier than busy ways.


I have to deal with everything or everything is going to deal me out.

If I’m busy, I can’t think about Dr. Evil getting sick again.  I can’t think about kids getting sick.  I can’t think about how my life would be if Dr. Evil hadn’t made it.  Or how different life would be if he had not recovered as amazingly as he did.  I can’t worry about being thankful enough.  I can’t worry about if I’m not thankful enough will this happen again.  I can’t worry about people judging me.  I can’t worry about the judging I’ve done.  I can’t worry I’m messing up my kids by not being a good enough mom.

My body may get tired doing all the physical busy, but my mind can’t exhaust itself worrying about everything under the sun.  I know, I know…worrying about things takes away the joy of the day or something like that.  Trust me.  I don’t do this on purpose.  I would love to be carefree.  I’m working on it.  Just a day at a time.  Right now, I’m not even there…sort of like a chunk of the day at a time.  And I pray…a lot.

Anyway – today I’m not trying hard to not be busy….PT appointment, therapy appointment, tutor for Spawn appointment, ophthalmologist appointment, optician appointment, and best of all….Evil Co-Hort from Iowa Amy and her twins are arriving for the weekend!  Dr. Evil and I are doing a (longer than I’ve been doing) run tomorrow early – like 5:30 am early – only 6 miles or so – so Evil Co-Hort from Iowa Amy and her twins and me and the Spawn can party like it’s 1999 for the rest of the day.

Check out the glasses he wants to order……Rec Specs – F8….


So by Sunday, my body may be tired…and a little hung over…..but my mind will have it’s chance….watch out world.

EJ out – to go to get Eldest Spawn’s strabismus and amblyopia checked out – we’re hoping to reduce the bi-focal need this year……..hope for us!

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