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Evil Elevated Heart Rate Causing Sirens….

Evil Joy here with a post on panic.  Evil Panic.  And let me tell you just how sick of Evil Panic Evil Joy happens to be….Very Sick of it.

Tonight after softball on the way to baseball several – and I mean several – like 5 – emergency vehicles passed me on the way to Town Hall where my Eldest Spawn was having ball practice.

See – I have this thing….Everytime I see an emergency vehicle of any kind – especially one with its lights going – I say a prayer for the people in the vehicle, the people they are going to help, and the families of both.  I don’t know where or when I started this but it’s what I do….and I was doing it alot tonight.

Then we turned onto County Road A, Then U.  And all of the emergency vehicles were ahead.  Two more passed us and continued on the route we were driving.

Evil Panic set in.  Heart Rate increasing.  Trying really hard to be calm and rational.  Failing miserably.

What if…the list was long.  I tried to stop going there.  My main fear was Eldest Spawn or one of the other players or parents.   See…ever since Evil Hubby got sick and Evil Joy was spawned….I fear illness and injury in a new light.   Not ready to face that again.  I know…I know …. we can get hit by a bus just walking around.  Why worry?  Trust me, I try and sometimes actually succeed at keeping the Evil What Ifs at bay.  Other times, like tonight….not so much.  Doesn’t help Evil Hubby is on the Evil Travel ….. And his trip just got slightly extended…..Evil Grrrrrrr

I realized the ball players and families were fine.  The vehicles headed past our destination.  (Don’t get me wrong, I pray everything worked out wherever the emergency vehicles were headed….)

So listen here Evil Panic!   Stuff it.   Take a hike.   You have a time and place – and it’s not in my time or place.

EJ out – to find out what happened to cause the rush of vehicles.


  1. Thank goodness your evil clan was safe. I hope those who required the ambulances were ok too.
    Thanks for Hooking Up

    • Thanks! Me too – I never did find out where they were headed. Thankful for that too – if there had been fatalities we would have heard. Smaller community here and news like that travels way too fast! Thanks for doing all the hard work and making it so easy for us all to hook up! You Rock!

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