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Evil Internal Clock….


Evil Joy here with a post on time changes.  One of many out there I’m sure…but this one – it’s mine and of course it’s the Evil Best.

So…we finally get to sleep in an hour.  Oh yeah…I have spawn.  And a puppy.  And a dog with a freaky sense of time.  Sleeping in?  I think you must have said something in Romulan….I don’t speak Romulan.










5am (old time) – me EVIL WIDE AWAKE.  WTHeck?!?!  Especially when now I know I’ve not yet changed my clock and it’s actually Super Evil 4 am.

Force myself to roll over and go to sleep.  Which triggers Dr. Evil to get up and use the bathroom.  Which triggers my brain to turn on because during the week that is my signal to get up and make sure Eldest Spawn is awake and prepping for school so he doesn’t miss the Evil Early Bus.  (Which is actually 3 minutes earlier now…not sure why 3 minutes and not sure why earlier but it is….)

Fine – get up and take Burton Puppy outside…he tries to come back in without doing anything – ummmm – get your doggie butt out there and do your bizzness.  Now.  I’m cold.  And Shadow Dog is patiently waiting for her breakfast…but sitting directly on my feet and herding me until I head to the room where her feeding occurs

And of course, on Evil Cue, Littlest Spawn yells, “CAN I COME DOWN YET?!?!”  while I’m outside so I don’t hear her the first FIVE times she screeches it.  Down comes Littlest Spawn.  Eldest Female Spawn is next.  Followed immediately by Second Eldest Female Spawn.

And since I’m up I figure might as well do the laundry – the Evil Self Replicating Laundry….and unload the Evil Dishwasher That Never Seems to Get Emptied Unless Evil Joy or Dr. Evil Do It.

Down comes Dr. Evil.  “Let’s go to Perkins.”

I knew there was a reason I loved this man.


EJ out – to wake up Eldest Spawn – who quite frankly I’m not sure is sleeping since he used his own money to buy a new computer game yesterday and since we moved the computer downstairs I fear he’s becoming a pod person.  Maybe the scary Evil Alien Babies have abducted him…..


Take a minute and give me some Love over at the Top Mommy Blogs.  Just click on the juggling lady up in the corner.  I think I’m going to move it and use the banner as a lot of you seem to be missing the juggling lady up in the right corner.  Did ya know she’s in the right corner.  R-I-G-H-T corner.  There you go.  You got it.

Now go click it.


(graphic source :http://yourtips-info.blogspot.com/2012/08/how-to-stop-watching-clock.html)


  1. Please click you vote like.. find you blog on there..and leave me a link. I would LOVE to vote for you, but I can not find your blog on there and I don’t have time or energy to search through a bunch of shit to vote. I’m busy sorting through Dem/Rep/ shit right now, so I can vote! LOl
    SERIOUSLY I can’t find you.. direct link that image to the actual page I can vote for you… THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING AN OLD LADY’S NEED FOR HELP!

  2. Please tell me you weren’t at Perkins at 4:00 in the flippin’ floppin’ morning.


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