Evil Joy here with a post on pure awesomeness. Sweet times with Sweet Spawn.

Today was special. Not sure why, but today…today was cool. Started out normal – with Littlest Spawn in bed with us at 5:30am. Got up – got laundry going – had the Evil Sweet Nectar of Life. Did a little cleaning…had a little lunch…decided time for the….

BEACH!!! Lake Elmo here we come!!!!

Had an Evil Blast with all the Spawn and Evil co-hort Amy and her band of H’s. We swam and dunked and sputtered. We rested on safety breaks, freaked out when they cleared the water for a missing child (found safe and sound), and utilized loads of Evil Sunscreen.

As Second Eldest Female Spawn had a machine pitch game tonight we stayed only two hours. Sent Eldest Spawn to truck to start it and rid it of the Evil Heat.

Loaded up Evil Amounts of Gear and Spawn. Then…….

The Evil Magic occurred.

Driving home on I-94 in rush hour “Some Nights” by Fun came on. All 5 of us were belting out Evil Tunage! Eldest Spawn said, “This is played way too much on the radio, but that’s okay because it’s actually a GREAT! song!!” I flipped the station when it finished, and low and behold – “Some Nights” was on again! We continued to sing. And sound pretty Evil Freaking Awesome!

And when it finished and I switched stations again to find it agan…we couldn’t – and boo’ed as a group.

A united group. How cool was that?!?

Spawn – you all rock. I rock. We all Rocked Together! Rock on!!!

EJ out – to buy “Some Nights” so we can Rock Out more often!