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I love my home.  We’ve been here nearly 10 years.  Parts of it are still sporting the builder’s paint as it was the spec home for the neighborhood.  Dr. Evil and I searched this town for houses for exactly one day.  One day.  We found this house and stopped looking.  And not because we couldn’t look any longer.  It was exactly what we wanted.  A touch of land, about three acres, not a split entry, and a master bathroom.  Dr. Evil loved the kitchen and that’s his deal so I was happy.


The four of us moved in and started making this building our home.  We grew to six.  And two dogs.  And four rats.

And now….the mud room.  Which incidentally is also the laundry room.  Which is a disaster area.  All the time.

As my Female Spawn have a thing for shoes (which by the way, my crazy feet are totally jealous of – I own about three pairs of shoes), Eldest Spawn is sporting a size 11 mens and Dr. Evil has about three pairs of work shoes in rotation, there is a plethora of shoes all over the place.  And winter.  So now add in 4 pairs of snow boots, 6 pairs of snow boarding boots, double sets of clothing for each spawn (like hell they are wearing their snowboarding gear to school, that shit is expensive!), multiple pairs of mitts for each and oh yeah…all of our laundry.

This room is a pit.

One Friday night I was frustrated with the lack of organization in our lair.  See this post to learn how nuts I really am.  I told Dr. Evil I was to be left alone and was going to redo the laundry room yet again.  I was taking the closet apart.  I was adding bins and hooks on the inside to make it more functional.  Thanks Pinterest for making me forgot I’m not handy and this closet is tiny and not room sized.  

Dr. Evil said, “Ya know, we keep talking about taking that closet out.  Let’s make a ‘no return’ move.”  And then…..

……………This happened.



And then this happened.




And now….I’m have this…..



I want to snap my fingers and make it all better.   And not spend any money (yeah right.)  Initially we planned on doing all the work ourselves.  And then we remembered we don’t know anything about construction or what the hell we’d be doing so we decided to call on our friend who in fact is a construction genius.  We are figuring out what we want to so we can ask him for a bid.

So for now I’m stuck with a mini-mess.  Hopefully soon we will know what we want and be able to start on the work.  I’m all for doing the stuff I’m good at – painting, making sandwiches for those doing more than painting, giving my opinion, cleaning up…..but I’m excited for all the stuff I can’t do to begin!

(Think we’re impulsive much?!)

EJ out – to sweep up more drywall dust.

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Secret Subject Swap

My topic is :  If you could just snap your fingers and change one thing about your current home, what would it be and why?

It was submitted by: Karen from Baking In A Tornado 

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  1. LOL, well, you didn’t exactly snap your fingers but you sure did get proactive. Love the pic of you kicking the wall out. Forget construction, I’d love to do that just to relieve stress. Bet it feels great.

  2. Oh, don’t I know this feeling you have?! There are so many times I really just wish I could snap my fingers and make my house more functional. But, like you, we know little (read: absolutely nothing) about construction..

  3. I feel a kindred spirit here. We are famous at our house for knocking down things and then trying to figure out what to do with the area. It drives my man crazy, but isn’t that what marriage is all about? Can’t wait to see the next step!

    • Me too!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Our friends were over Friday night and he got a good look at the space and will let us know the cost soon. Hopefully we can do it in the next 12 months!

  4. Welcome to the SSS.
    Demo is fun, I love knocking down walls, but oh the mess!

  5. I have so much I’d love to change about my house I think I’d need to bring in a whole team of finger snappers just to get it done. I love your impulsiveness, even if it means you now have more mess than you did before.

  6. I can relate SO well. I am standing here snapping my fingers and wishing our to-do list would get up and get to work. Great post!

  7. Oh there is so much I want to do in our apt…but can’t since we rent…Perhaps one day. If only we could snap our fingers and have our home the way we want. Great post.

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