Evil Joy here with random Evil Observations from an Evil Crazy Day.

Okay – so I decided tonight’s post would be about the things I observed today and my thoughts on said observations.  The opinions expressed here are mine, no others, not from other, maybe about others, and if you don’t like them…well…then you don’t like them.

Roped you in didn’t I?  Do you think the observations are going to be deep or earth-shattering in their content?  Do you think I’ll present the solution to world peace or the perfect gluten free egg noodle (and by God if you know of one, please message me – I’m desperate!)?  Am I going to present the awesome theorem to an unsolved applied mathematic question plaguing us since time began?


Nope.  Suckers…..


Here goes : 

1.  I decided I’m good with the tough love approach to parenting.  A little friend came to visit and she’s a wonderful girl.  Love love love her.  She didn’t love love love me at the start of the morning.  In fact, she choose to leave my vehicle rather than stay buckled in.  (It’s all good, we were in her driveway and I wasn’t in the car driving yet.)  When we arrived back to my house after a long crying jag….(and me employing all child locks on the doors of the vehicle) …”You may stand in the corner and cry or you can choose to play with us and have a blast.”  

She choose to have a blast.  I was worried there for a minute (not really, I’m pretty persuasive with the 4 year old crowd) but she came around.  And even smiled for pictures to send to her-stressed-out-by-her-screaming-when-it-was-time-to-leave mama.  And she was so well behaved!  Awesomely well behaved.  Tidied up toys without being asked.  Used manners without being reminded.  Sweet Kid.  Here’s hoping tomorrow (and the next few days) go as well.  She can cry and scream all she wants in the car over here if she’s the doll she was today at my house.

2.  Math Camp.  Wow.  Evil Crazy Chaos.  Not the learning part.  No…that’s all good.  The drop off and pick up – it leaves a lot to be desired.  A. Lot.  Second Eldest Female Spawn (or Spawn #3) was referred for Math Summer School.  She struggles a bit with it and this just gets them warmed up for school and hopefully on track for the start of the year.  Never mind I’ve got a degree in Applied Mathematics.  Yeah….sort of hard to take your kid learns so much better from someone other than yourself – but she will get what she needs.  My ego will step aside in the name of her happiness and success.  But I digress….the Camp is held at one of the elementary schools in town – not the one we attend.  It’s an awesome school – but in town – in an older town with square blocks and little parking and no parking lot.  And let’s not forget in a four square block radius – there are three elementary schools – public, Catholic, and Lutheran.  So…it’s a cram packed little space.  I don’t do well parallel parking the truck.  I know…it has a back up camera.  I don’t care – I still Evil Suck at it….Eldest Spawn was laughing at me big time.  Karma can be a $%itch buddy …. just remember that when you’re learning to drive.


3.  Mac Cheese.  Evil Mac Cheese.  It ropes me in everytime.  I make a mean homemade mac cheese but Spawn #3 likes the gross kind in a box.  And seeing as I struggle to get her to eat, when she actually requests something, if it’s remotely close to Real Food, I try to deal with it.  Oh box Mac Cheese – how do I love thee – I don’t.  But I always think I can get away with eating a little of it.  Pretending there’s no gluten.  Yeah..um….right.  There’s all sorts of gluten.  And all kinds of things I don’t want to think about.  I was making lunch for 6 kids today – Mac Cheese was acceptable to all of them – I, being Evil Lazy, decided I’d just eat a bit of that instead of making myself something else.  Dumb.Idea.  Never.Again.  (until the next time.)  Of course, we tried to balance out the boxed-ness of it with carrots, broccoli, apples, peaches and bananas.  Evil Yucky Feeling was part of my day due to being Evil Dumb.

4.  Evil Tired Spawn.  Oh My Word.  Littlest Spawn decided she doesn’t like vegetables.  WTHeck?!?!  She’s the best eater of the bunch – raw onions, salsa, sushi, every vegetable you can think of, meat – will try anything.  No veggies? Now…seriously – you think this crap will work with this mama?  Ummmm…no.  Nice try.  Sit there until you eat them….or until you ask if you can go to bed at 6pm.  Willingly.  Then proceed to sit on the couch on the way to bed and pass out dead asleep in under 2 minutes.  I guess she was tired.  

But those veggies are waiting for her for breakfast.  Bawahahahahahaha.

5.  Fifth and final….I’m in here typing.  Sweating.  The AC is off because we’ve had such gorgeous weather.  However, the house faces west – the office is on the west side of the house – the sun is setting – I’m getting blasted.  And I know the house temp is near 80 degrees.  But if I even think of turning on the AC (which honestly would be dumb – it’s going to be nice and cool tonight and we have no wind block out here – not like in town – and I don’t want to deal with Dr. Evil), Dr. Evil will arrive home shortly and turn it off.  So…I’ll just wait until he leaves tomorrow.  And due to no AC being on – the windows and doors are open.  Sweet Spawn-like member of the family Shadow has pawed her way through the deck door screen (and every other screen in the house – all have been repaired AGAIN except the deck door).  We use it sort of like a doggie door.  However, the flies have discovered said doggie door.  And they keep landing on my feet.  My feet.  Really.  I just showered.  Give.Me.A.Break.

EJ out – to find a fly swatter and participate in the Olympic sport of Evil Dead Lifting Sleeping Spawn Up The Stairs To Bed.

Let me know your observations of your day – I promise to respond to all the comments!!

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