Evil Joy here with a quick update to post #1 (ever).  Click here to read those posts…Evil Joy is speaking….. bawahahahaha

So….Dr. Evil is once again (and has been for some time now) in control of his whole self….meaning I can’t shave off the Evil Yucky Goatee anytime I want.  Evil Grrrr.  And following tradition, on the day we celebrate 4th of July Dr. Evil does something goofy with either his hair (or areas of his head) or ‘beard.’

I have sooooo lost the battle of the Evil Yucky Goatee.


Evil Snicker is escaping my mouth as I type.  He has to go to work tomorrow.  He won’t go like this.  Bawahahahahahahaha!

I win!  Evil Yucky Goatee will be once again meeting the plank.  I’m not sure it will walk the plank and leave the lair, but it will at least flirt with the idea.  It must be tamed before he can go into work.  YES!

EJ out – to do a victory dance with the two youngest Spawn who also dislike Evil Yucky Goatee.