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Evil Plea…..

Evil Joy here with a post on a couple of things…

1.  Littlest Spawn : “Mom- did you just fart?”  Yeah…great.  I would like to go to the bathroom alone at some point in my life again, but for how….”No, I’m going to the bathroom.”  Littlest Spawn : “Yeah, sometimes when think I’m going to fart I actually poop a bit.  You’ve seen those unders.”

How can you not laugh?  She’s so freaking funny.  And serious at the same time.  And … too aware of all things around her – she picks up on everything….yikes.  I think I’m in trouble with this one…


2.  This whole Top Mommy Blogs thing.  It’s making me mad.  I seem to have lost 10 votes overnight.  Not not gained votes, but actually gone down in vote totals.  And I’m more mad I care about it.  I wish I didn’t but I do.  Not only that, not nearly as many people are reading this blog.  WTHeck?  Am I boring you?  Am I not exciting enough?

It’s like a one sided relationship I’m trying desperately to save!  What can I do to keep you coming back?!  Come on!!

Tell me.  Please.  Leave me a comment about something.  Anything.  I write this blog for myself but I’m sort of loving the idea of spreading some smiles out there.  I want to continue to spread smiles..and spread them farther and farther.

So…a plea for comments.  A plea for votes.  A plea to spread smiles to you.

Sorta needy this morning, ya think?!

EJ out – for yet another crazy day – I’m sure the craziness will generate a post or six.

So….based on above #2 – please take a minute out of your day and click on the Top Mommy Blogs icon.

Go vote for me.  🙂  And leave a comment on here too!  Come on, you know you want to…..


  1. joy, I live for your blog, since I know I am nice and sweet and never prank my kids. I believe they got their little evil ways from you. They got me so bad this weekend. I about died laughing a few hours after it happened.

    • ummmm….what sweet and nice….what I remember is you going for runs in the morning and then waking me up by sticking your sweaty armpit in my face! You taught me well oh Evil One Before Me. You’ll have to tell what the kids did!

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