Evil Joy here with a post on baseball, gray hair, nail biting, and a quick aside.

Quick aside……I hate ticks.  I just pulled one off my ankle.  Seriously.  It’s 4am, I’m wide awake, and a tick feels the need to snack on me?!  WTHeck!?!?  Well…tick – see ya – I flushed your sorry arse down the toilet and will be making sure the Shadow Dog has her flea and tick treatment today – it’s a few days overdue …but only a few….Geeeessh…..

Okay…onto the Evil Gray Hair, Evil Nail Biting, and Awesome Baseball.

Baseball season … at the beginning of the season there is such excitement.  All the anticipation of what’s to come.  In the middle, cheering and lots of concession stocking.  Towards the end, there is…..

Tournament Week.

Eldest Spawn and Eldest Female Spawn (and Second Eldest Female Spawn….heck….all but Littlest Spawn) play Booster Rec League Ball.  The last week of the season the teams play each other within the league.

Second Eldest Female Spawn’s season ended last week as machine pitch doesn’t have

Tournament Week.

So…Monday – Eldest Female Spawn (kid pitch 1) has her first playoff game.  They won!!  Pulled out a victory in the bottom of the last inning.  Woot!  Woot!  So….their next game is Wednesday.

Tuesday….Eldest Spawn plays his first game.  As he’s older and more experienced in the ways of baseball, the game is a tad faster paced.  They throw so hard….oh my word.  Eldest Spawn pitches pretty well and plays a mean third base.  (Of course, I’m not at all biased…not at all….ummmm…yeah, right!)   And….they won too!!!  Woot Woot!!  So…their next game is…you guessed it…Wednesday.


Wednesday dawns…hot and muggy.  Eldest Spawn had football camp all morning, followed by a swim test for BoyScouts, followed by an afternoon ‘relaxing’ (while I moved an upright grand piano around my house…seriously).

Co-hort Amy takes Eldest Spawn.  We come a little later so Female Spawn won’t eat us out of house and lair via the concession stand while waiting for the game to start.

Just after Co-hort Amy picks up Eldest Spawn……Downpour of epic portions.

No lightning though.  Rain subsides and fields are prepped.  We take two cars because the spawn play at separate fields starting an hour apart.

Watching Eldest Spawn….wow…tight first few innings with no score from either team.  Evil Nail Biting commences.  Evil Gray Hairs starting to sprout.  Then … Evil Gray Hairs getting longer.  Nails are gone.  It’s now time for Female Spawn and Dr. Evil to head across town to her game.  Wait.  Email ding on phone…..

Eldest Female Spawn’s game is postponed!!  The fields aren’t draining fast enough…did I mention the downpour was Evil Crazy Fast and had Evil Crazy Big Rain Drops?

Sweet!  We all get to stay and watch Eldest Spawn play AND I get to see Eldest Female Spawn play tomorrow.  Divide and conquer has been divided and conquered.

And…the Redz (self-named team because they have red shirts)….. WON!!!!  Sweet!!!  And on to Saturday when bracket play continues.

Tournament Week

isn’t over yet!!!!!!!

So…ticks – bite me.  Wait – no – don’t do that – just don’t bite me.

Redz – keep on playing like the awesome team you are.

Burgundy Brigade – good luck tonight!!!!  I can’t wait to see you play!

Rain – rain rain, stay away, come back on Sunday.

EJ out – to find more sweet nectar of life Diet Mt. Dew as it’s 5am and I fear sleep has left the lair until tonight for this mama.

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