Evil Joy here posting on a morning post fireworks, late nights, many family and friends, and even sleeping in until 6am!

I woke up – before everyone but the two 4 year olds.  Dr. Evil thinks he was up before me to get ready, but I pretended to be asleep to capture more quiet thinking time.

I got up to my Evil Favoritest Thing In the World…….

soda + cooler + all night on ice = perfect temperature

Even better – Mello Yello Zero!  My absolute Evil Favorite Sweet Nectar of Life.

Anyway…another of my morning favorites in summer is sitting on our front steps and enjoying the sounds, smells, and sights.  I love it.  Absolutely love it.  It’s one of my Evil Happy Places.


This morning I was blessed with so many things.  As I was quietly sitting there watching the bees gather nectar (man…are they missing out on the Mello Yello), the birds calling to each other, and the sun lighting more and more of the earth, I saw my Evil Favoritest Bird In The Whole World.

Humming Bird.

It moved from hosta flower to hosta flower.  I was beyond amazed how close it got to me.  About 3 feet from me…..I shifted my head oh so slightly to see it better and it noticed me and fluttered away.


I was planning on cutting off all hosta flowers because I think they’re sort of Evil Ugly but now….I’m thinking I’ll keep them.  Even if just for the possibility of seeing a humming bird on another quiet peaceful morning.

Evil Joy out – to face the day bolstered by the Evil Sweetness of Nature.

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(graphic source : openclipart.org)