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Evil Tears….

Evil Joy here with a post on Evil Tears, Evil Snot, and Evil Red Face.

So yesterday….it was going well.  It ended well.  Got up.  Fed Spawn #1, #2, and #4.  Spawn #3 was at a sleepover.  Got to church.  On Time (which means a little early)!!!!  Woot Woot!  (Btw, I’ve trained Eldest Spawn in the art of “if you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late, and if you’re late you’re screwed).  Left church.  Came home for lunch.  Kids played and had fun.  Rounded up Spawn #3.

Off to GirlScout drop off and time to head to the Y to run.  Have to keep Evil Joy at bay while Evil Hubby is in Switzerland.  WTHeck?!?!  Switzerland!!  Atleast he’s on a trip he’ll enjoy…right?!

Got in a good run – 5 miles of running to Indigo Girls – Evil Good Music!  And some Pearl Jam…and Rush….Eldest Spawn working on his Wicked Baseball skills in the gym.  Spawn Littles in KidStuff.


Literally.  A worker fell.  She was ill and needed an ambulance.  I helped while they went to get help.  I blocked the hallway so no kids could come out.  Then I blocked the other side of the hallway so no one crowded around her.

Same EMTs that helped Brent in November happened to be working out in the Y.  They helped until and while ambulance was there.

Same. EMTs.  I was Evilly calm.  I held my Evil Self together.  Until I got home and away from the Spawn.

Evil Freaking Tears.  Enough already.  Enough with the Evil Freaking Tears.

And of course – with Evil Tears comes Evil Snot.  (Remember….most everyone will wipe your tears but there aren’t too many lining up to wipe your snot (unless you’re 2….and cute….which I’m not!)).  And me being me – having the Evil Low Blood Pressure of Dead Person – when the Evil Tears come followed by Evil Snot….Evil Super Red Blotchy Face comes.

So…Evil Red Face – take that – a hot shower got rid of you!  Ha!  Evil Snot – well – you know what tissues are for.

Evil Tears – if you could stay at bay today – that would be awesome.  I promise to not be Evil Joy today if you stay away.  Otherwise….Bawhahahahahahaha!

Evil Joy out – to be Evil Joy in hopes of scaring away Evil Tears…I know…I lied….I will be Evil Joy today!  🙂


  1. Once I find out how’s she’s doing I’ll post an update. Say a prayer or ten for her family and for her health. Thanks.

  2. Hang in there, Joy! Sometimes these things just sneak up on you and wham…you’re back reliving the past. Time and prayer will heal all things – love you!! Give me a call sometimes. I would love to get caught up and chat.

  3. She is completely back to fine. Returned to work the following day even! Thank God!

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