Evil Joy here with a post on desire to swim with the Female Spawn and said desire being squashed by potential Evil Thunderstorms.

So…I am trying hard to make the most of this girly week.  With Eldest Spawn at BoyScout camp and Dr. Evil on travel (or at work all day), we females rule the house.  Even the dog is a girl…..

It’s been an interesting week with A here to watch the kids during the day.  I got a lot done but didn’t really hang with the Female Spawn as much as I’d like.  I’m working on the pesky project using my Evil Awesome Painting Skills….  As our dryer is still in pieces, literally, I’ve been trying to use the line.  But it keeps raining.  Free second, third and forth rise for my towels?  That works, right?  So I have a lot of wet clothing around.

And cleaning…for friends….lots and lots.  Figured I’d take advantage of A being here to get that done since Eldest Spawn is gone and can’t watch his Sister Spawn.  Trying to get a lot of it done this week so we can all enjoy the spontaneous trip to Iowa next week.

I guess it’s not too spontaneous if it’s not until next week…..Sunday…..

Anyway – I was thinking after all the stuff going on we’d hit the beach today.  Just us girls.  Dr. Evil has some stuff to do after work (READ CONCESSIONS) so I thought we’d just go hang…splash, build some sand castles…just be together.

WTHeck Evil Thunderheads….come on…seriously?!?!

Maybe tomorrow night…..and since Dr. Evil will be gone again, maybe pizza when we get home….hmmmm…this is starting to sound like a plan……


Evil Thunderheads – produce rain today and leave tomorrow…rain rain go away…wait don’t …rain now and then go away…

Paint – almost done….pictures coming…

Random Thoughts – be done sharing….form into cohesive thoughts.

EJ out – to finish up the Viking stripes in Eldest Spawn’s room…..

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