Evil Joy here typing a post while consuming Evil Yummy Margaritas!!

See, Evil Co-Hort From Iowa Amy is here with her spawn M and B.  She brought the most yummy margarita ingredients ever.  I’m in Evil Margarita Heaven…..seriously awesome.

And besides bringing the Evil Yummy Margaritas, she brought her Evil Cool Self.  All the way from Iowa.  With twin 4 year olds.  In the car.  For several hours.  Along the same route I just drove on Thursday.  I think you now understand the need for both us of to consume Evil Yummy Margaritas…even tastier out of Smurf glasses from the 1980s….



We’ve been swimming, playing ball in the yard, digging and making mud pies in the sandbox, dancing like the crazies we are…and therefore our spawn are…..and just having a blast.  So thankful to have friends like her.  

I’m so thankful for all the friends – wow – we are so lucky and blessed.  Everyone really rallied around when Dr. Evil was earning his PhD.  The cool thing is…they’ve stuck around.  And they were there before, just didn’t realize how many people we are blessed to know.


EJ out – to continue to enjoy More Evil Yummy Margaritas. 

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