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For Me?!

So two of my favorite bloggers Snarkfest and You’re My Favorite Today gave me an award – the one, the only…..


Squirly award



And I’m not one to turn down any awards…evah!   And I sort of like squirrels – we don’t have many large trees out where I live (repurposed farmland) so we don’t have squirrels.  When we go into the city – the spawn think they are this exotic thing and chase them around – it’s cute – unless at the UofMn and then they aren’t so cute when the pop up out of the garbage cans and steal what you’re thinking about throwing away after you take just one more bite.

(Thinking that may be part of why I got the Squirrelly – random digressions….but then…if it gets me an award…bring it sista!)


So the deal is I have to share 10 squirrelly things about me.

1.  I love to run.  I’m not fast.  I’m not built like a runner.  But I love it.

2.  I’m the biggest procrastinator there is.  Like huge.  Like…yeah.

3.  I have this thing about 90 degree corners…I like things stacked neatly and I think things in a nice 90 degree relation to each other.  And if you, like my Eldest Spawn, move things askew just to mess with me – I will find you.  I will.

4.  I know more about math without numbers than math with numbers.

5.  I am fiercely loyal to those I love.  Don’t mess with them or you’ll mess with me.  And I know things about math.

6.  I have PTSD.  Some days life is great – other days it kicks my arse.

7.  I love when my spawn sit on my while watching a movie.  Especially if they are cuddly.  And then they get sleepy.  And warm.  And have that awesome spawn smell..the sweet one!

8.  The real reason I skip reading books to the spawn some nights is because I’m soooooo tired and I know I won’t be able to stay awake to get to my room.

9.  I swear like a sailor.  I swear way too much.  I simply am not that bothered by certain words.  I don’t know why they must have such importance attached to them.

10.  I have a HUGE picture of Noah’s Arc landing staring down at me right now.  It’s my favorite picture.  When the spawn were born we got a framed picture for that will one day be theirs.  Then we had two more spawn and no more money for stuff like that so…yeah…we’ll have to figure that out later.


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Now seriously people, I’ve fallen waaaaay down in the Top Mommy Blogs standings.  Take a minute and raise me up (see what I did there?) by clicking on the juggling lady up there on the right!  Thanks!!!!!

EJ out – to start a day full of … something squirrelly I’m sure!


  1. I’m all over this award – thank you! I am quite squirrely, although I detest squirrels. I promise I will properly accept my award at some point in the next few weeks – I even have a squirrel story to tell in my acceptance speech!

  2. Didn’t know that 90 degree thing. So glad I got to find that tidbit of info. Mwahahahaha.

  3. Woo-hoo! I love me some squirrels – well actually I don’t but you know what I mean. I will work on my Squirrel acceptance speech in the next few days:)

  4. Thank you so much!! Now I know why I have been craving nuts all day!! Thanks again!!

  5. JennSomethingClever

    August 20, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    Thank you!! I’m SO with you on number nine. WHY are swears special? What’s the big deal??

  6. A squirelly for me? You shouldn’t have… but I’m glad you did! Thanks

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