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All week long I’ve been trying to come with up with something witty and fun to write about.

Instead of what’s in my head.

That means nothing has arrived via blog for a while.

What’s in my head is dark.  And scary.  And nothing new.  But it’s there.  And I’m working through it.  I don’t like to post about it on Facebook much because of some of the strange responses I get from people I know and those I don’t know.

I don’t know what’s going on in your head or how you deal with your emotions.  I don’t try to decide how to deal with them for you.  I don’t tell you what to do, how to do it, or when to do it.  In all honesty, I may think these things at times, but unless asked, I’m not preaching at you.  At least I hope not.

So I would like the same.  I know it gets old.  I know I’m sick of myself.  I’m sick of being bothered by Dr. Evil’s spawning.  Trust me.  I wish and am excited for the day my dreams don’t wake with me images of him in a coma or of his feet or the sounds of the machines that kept him alive.  I’m praying for the day I don’t think the worst when the clinic or hospital call with information that many times doesn’t even relate to him.  I’m anxious for the day when I can see people and not be reminded of what happened or failed to happen while he was sick.  I’m ready for the day to arrive where I can leave with my house a mess and not panic he’ll get sick again.

I know my path is so much easier than most.  We have a great life.  I know that.  I treasure that.  Immensely.  More than you know.

I also have learned to be okay with my path taking some turns and me having to work through those turns.  My turns are not as intense as some.  But they are MY turns.  My issues.  My struggles.

And I’m dealing with it in MY way.

So as tomorrow is one of the harder days of the year for me I challenge you to be kind to those around you. I challenge you to do one nice thing for someone. Just one. Even a kind word. A kind thought instead if a mean one. Be a positive force for the world instead of a stagnant or negative one.

Do it.

Or I’ll go Evil on your Arse.

EJ out – to watch Matchmaker Santa for the fourth and amazingly wonderful time.


  1. Praying for you EJ. Can you get the Matchmaker Santa to bring me a match this year!?

  2. Thinking good thoughts for you today, sugar. Sending lots of love.

  3. You are amazing! Doing amazing! You all have come so far and I know it is so difficult to have these anniversaries but you are so correct in being so sure that it all takes time to heal the various wounds. Love, love, love, peace, peace, peace. Sending you goodness.

  4. I’m not sure what the context is, but it *is* really hard to open your heart and fears to the world when people respond judgmentally or with advice or other messages that translate to, “get over it; you’re doing it wrong.”

    I’m reading a book by Elizabeth Berg called “Range of Motion” about a wife whose husband is in a coma. She is one of my favorite authors, and your post reminded me so much of what the character in the book is going through.

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