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Gorgeous…..with a side of Top 10

My niece got married last weekend.  The  spawn were all in the wedding.

Here’s a list of our weekend : Top 10 Style.

1.  We ‘re going to Iowa.  But not to Grannie’s house.  But to Iowa.  But not to Grannie’s house.  Clear?  Not yet?  Okay once again, we’re going to Iowa but not to Grannie’s house

2.  No, we’re not in Iowa yet.  We left home 15 minutes ago.  We’re still in Wisconsin.

3.  No, the wedding is not tonight.  The rehearsal is.  No the rehearsal is not the actual wedding.  No, you do not wear your dresses or high heels to the rehearsal.

4.  Yes, we’ll swim at the water park in the hotel.  No, the hotel is not near Grannie’s house.  No, we’re not going to Grannie’s house.

5.  Yes, you’ll see Mandi and the Scallywag tonight.  No, they’re not married yet.  No, the wedding is tomorrow.  Yes, the rehearsal is tonight.  No the wedding and the rehearsal are not the same thing.

6.  Yes, Julie is doing your hair.  Tomorrow.  For the wedding.  No, not tonight for the rehearsal.  Because it doesn’t need to be done for the rehearsal.  No, Mandi won’t be wearing her dress tonight either.

7.  Yes, you can eat what you want at the rehearsal AND wedding.  No, they’re not at the same time.

8.  Okay – here goes.  Do what they say okay?  No, you can’t walk down with Mandi.  Yes, they’ll tell you what to do.

9.  DON’T TOUCH YOUR HAIR!  Don’t spill on your dress.  SMILE.


10.  Yes……she is a beautiful princess.  Yes, they’re in love.  Yes, they’re married forever.  (hugs)


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EJ out – to fly to SEATTLE!!!!


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  1. Sounds like fun, after all the repeating of the low-down at the showdown. Hopefully they got it all down and had fun.
    Change wedding to “Saturday” and “going to Grannie’s” to “Papa is NOT coming today” and that’s my weekend with my girls!

  2. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous girls!:) I love your report on repetitive dialogue. It’s so cute the way you captured it. When it is happening live and for real in my life, I want to jump out a window. Well done!

  3. Great pictures! So cool that we get a peek into your trip. Don’tcha just love having to explain everything a million zillion times? Kids!

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