Evil Joy here with a post on homework, my spawn, concentration, Monday mornings….and keeping Evil Joy at bay.

So Eldest Female Spawn and Second Eldest Female Spawn conveniently forgot they had homework.  I say conveniently because the look on their sweet little faces when they told me they had work to do this morning was one of “I’m trying super hard to look innocent but knowing I’m lying about not knowing about this work is shining through my lying lips very brightly.”

Second Eldest Female Spawn came down – was reminded of the homework and sheepishly (and sleepily) sat at the kitchen table to do it with me.  Done.  Then it was time to convince her to take a shower.  After Dr. Evil and I both telling her she smelled like farts, she headed up to shower.  She didn’t really smell like farts, but something Evil Akin to it.

Then…there’s Eldest Female Spawn.  I seem to be odds with her more than I’d like these days.  Homework is a particularly tough area to contend with.  I think we are so Evil Alike we meet boiling point at the same time.  The mere mention of homework sends her into an Evil Tizzy.  Which I try very very very hard to show no emotion toward.  Simply calm.  Deep breaths, count to 10 (or 1,000,000) and redirect.  Over and Evil Over and EVIL Over again.







She has currently been working on six math problems that should take approximately 6 -8 minutes total to complete.  We’re going on 20.  With two to go.


Let me remind you, as I do often, I have a degree in Applied MATHEMATICS.  The various ways of addition, lattice, column method…etc…I don’t remember all that Evil Crap.  I love math for the logic of it.  I know my addition and multiplication and all that jazz because we were forced (happily) to memorize the crap out of our facts.  I work with my Spawn on this.  They are getting it.  But it was beat into us.  No hesitation was allowed.

Okay.  Done.  I just can’t understand or figure a way to explain to her to leave the emotion at the door and do the work.  The work must be done anyways, so get to it, move on and enjoy the rest of the morning, day, evening…whatever.  Every EVIL FREAKING DAY it’s the same drama over homework.  Makes me want to add more just to show her it’s good and fun.  They like to play school – why can’t she pretend she’s teaching school and showing the class how to do her work?!


Do you have homework challenges?  How do you deal with them?


EJ out – to redirect again…this time concerning flossing the braced teeth….and not getting to play with her craft stuff.   Yikes…..when does the bus come?!

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