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How Many Phone Numbers Do You Know?

Let me share a Day in the Life of Evil Joy….a day gone wrong.  So very wrong.  (Not really – but now you’re wondering, aren’t ya?)

Friday morning I woke up at 4:02 am.  Wide freaking awake.  I laid there and fell asleep … around 5:45.  Stupid.  I should have just gotten up.


Jumped out of bed at 7:19 (weird – same time I woke up late last week).  Got the big spawn ready and out the door.  Littlest Spawn has preschool on Fridays so I got her all ready to go and myself set up to clean for someone.

Then it happened.

Where’s my phone?

Where the BLEEP is my phone?

Seriously – WHERE IS MY PHONE?!

Recently we activated an old (and I mean OLD) cell phone to keep at the house as a home line.  I grabbed that sucker and called myself.  I could hear it vibrating.  I turned the sound off at 4am when I woke up – thinking that someone had called and awakened the Evil Joy.  Okay….I hear it.

Can’t find it.

Call again.  And again.  And again.  For 15 minutes Littlest Spawn and I looked for my stupid Evil Bleeping Can’t Find It phone.


Finally I gave up and left.  I flew down the highway to meet Littlest Spawn’s carpool ride to school.  We missed her.

And I didn’t know the number to call to let the mom know we were late.

Flew down the interstate to school.  Got there.  Called Dr. Evil and asked him to text the house phone the number of the house I was cleaning so I could call her and let her know I was running late.

And I didn’t know the number.

Cleaning ran longer than intended.  Carpool ride back from school knew that would happen because she knows me.  I’m late when it comes to cleaning.  (If I tell you I’m cleaning for 2 hours – it’s mostly likely 2.5 or 2.75 hours….I can’t leave a job unfinished and I’m Awesome at underestimating the amount of time it takes me to do stuff – cause ya know – I’m Super Evil Joy Cleaning Woman.)  I was then running late for Littlest Spawn’s playdate.  Again – I called Dr. Evil to text me the number of the mom as I’m sure she was waiting in the driveway of our empty house.

Because I didn’t know the number.

Eventually that day I found my phone.  As I was cleaning up the mess I created looking for the phone.

How many numbers of those close to you do you know?  I was appalled at myself that I was unable to make more than a couple of calls without the help of my ‘address list’ in my phone.  I rely on it.  Let’s just say I made sure everything is backed up and made a list of important numbers ON PAPER for the truck.  Should this ever happen again (more like when) – I will not be as debilitated.


You know the kicker?  I didn’t know the number of the house phone I was using.  I have the number saved in my phone.

Do you have a backup in place if you lose your lifeline?  How do you feel about technology being a lifeline?  I hate it but I’ve totally embraced it and now rely on it.  Grrrrrrr.  Big Ol’ Evil GRRRRRRR.

EJ out – to prepare for tomorrow’s 18 mile run.  Send me strength, good wishes and all that crap.  Please.

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  1. That day sounds like a nightmare! Fortunately for me, I have somewhat of a photographic memory so even new numbers I’ve learned tend to stick with me for a while. But not all of them…….so that is why I NEVER lose my phone. It’s also my business phone so I would be in deep doo-doo if I couldn’t call any of my clients!! I’m glad your day ended well though….gotta have those days once in a while. Good Luck tomorrow (or today):)

    • Thanks! I tend to remember numbers too – but lately I’ve lost the habit of really looking at them when I enter them. In addition to everyone having different area codes since the cell phone craziness began. Man – that makes me sound old. Thanks! Have a fabulous day!!!!

  2. I still know my high school friend’s house numbers, but i don’t know my boyfriend’s or mom’s new cell phone number. It is crazy!

    • Right?! I still know the numbers of my friend’s from high school – their parents’ number now. It’s what I call when I get into town and can’t remember their cell numbers.

      I remember every phone number I’ve ever had – it’s so weird!!! And I’ve had a bunch of numbers! Especially after my cell phone was stolen and some how ended up in the hands of a drug dealer. His ‘clients’ kept calling me when they were high looking for him. I said stop call me! I’m writing down your number and calling the cops! I still remember that number….oh do I ever.

  3. ok my two older kids have a phone each with the last number off by one number… i don’t know their number at all xxx-xxx-1234 or xxx-xxx-1233
    how bad is that! i cant even remember the almost two identical numbers!!!
    i claim my iphone is my brain, my list of to dos, appointments, important numbers (all 379 of them) i think i have a bit of a problem… my coworkers phone calls and text come in as bagpipes to avoid a mistaken call for an alarm. 🙂

    • My is Stewie from The Family Guy (I don’t watch the show) but it says “Mom, Mommy, Mom, Mama!”

      I’m glad I’m not the only one stuck to my phone for my important info!!!!

  4. I always have a back up plan for this very reason!! I think I would die if I ever lost my phone!!! Hey, got a new award for you–swing by and grab it!

    • RIght?! I have all the info saved on my backup hard drive, but yikes – I felt completely screwed all day long!

      Oh!! I’m heading over now! Thanks!!!!

  5. I don’t know what I would do without my phone. I have a land-line but I don’t even know the number. *facepalm* I know like 3 phone numbers: mine, my parents’ landline, and my husband’s cell. I sort of know my office number. Our cell phones are going to be the end of humanity, aren’t they?

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