It’s been too long. Way too long.

Life has a funny way of … being life. Winter is my favorite time of year and frequently my busiest. Who am I kidding?  Life is just busy and it’s awesome.

We drove to Colorado between Christmas and New Years. It was amazing. I’ve never done a full blog post about the snowboarding trips we’ve taken. The time is coming.

January has come and gone. I turned 40. I LOVE IT!

February has arrived and tomorrow I get my birthday gift. Dr. Evil and I are taking off to ride (snowboard) without the spawn. And we’re FLYING – not driving – FLYING. (Please recall I’m the cheapest woman around so this is a huge luxury!) My awesome folks are here to watch the kids and make sure people eat food other than GoldFish and frozen pizza. (I stocked the freezer with chicken pot pie, chicken noodle soup, cod, egg bake, and a few other goodies.)

I’ll be back. I’m finding my mojo again and I’ve missed blogging. I’ve been writing a lot but not all I write is for public consumption – at least not yet.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to you can find proof of my hi-jinx on Instagram and Facebook. Check it out! (Just click on the blue words and you’ll head to my Instagram and/or Facebook pages.)

I appreciate you sticking around! The Best Is Yet To Come.

EJ out – to wash the clothes I need to pack.