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I spent a lot of time last week impressed.

I was impressed with :

  • My spawn and their behavior on the 9 hour trip from home to St. Louis.  Couldn’t have asked for better spawn.
  • Dr. Evil drove the entire way and didn’t appear affected by all that driving.
  • Eldest Spawn for playing in the park with his little sisters during a pit stop in Hannibal, Missouri.
  • Myself for recalling the gas station I stopped at NUMEROUS times during my drives from Marion, Iowa to Rolla, Mo in the 90’s.


  • The awesome comedian routines we listened during the drive.
  • My own level of comfort with going with the flow of events and not always knowing what was going to happen.
  • One of my spawn strongly dislikes height and tight spaces.  That spawn did AWESOME going to the top of the Arch!
  • Demi Lovato and the Neon Lights Tour performance in St. Louis
  • Demi Lovato’s personal message shared during the performance.  That’s another blog post to come…
  • and so many more things……


But mainly, I was impressed.  I was happy.  I loved seeing my spawn happy.  It made my heart sing.  Watching Eldest Female Spawn (EFS) and her cousin experience the Demi Lovato concert was the most amazing thing.  Watching their reactions, their excitement, and their pure joy was exhilarating as a parent.  How many times do we as parents get to see that side of our children exposed without armor?  Especially as they approach the angsty teenage years?  I had to absorb every millisecond of her experience.



What do you do to stay connected with your kids?

EJ out – to take a cello .. and 5 kids to school.   Have a fabulous day!!!


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  1. You know I love taking my kids to concerts. They are turning in to quite the concert connoisseurs (they paid for their One Direction tickets for this August!). So glad everything went smoothly and you had a good time!

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