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It’s My Blog-O-Birthday Week!!

So Evil Joy Speaks will be 1 on Friday.  Good Friday.  Ironic don’t ya think?

Well, in honor of my awesome wonderful amazing talented blog turning one, I am doing a give away.  For my birthday.  To you.  (what – isn’t that backwards?)

Sundar Imports has generously agreed to let the winner select one choice of three beautiful options :

earrings, bracelet, or headband

from their beautiful and fair trade inventory.  Pictures to come.  (Hint – my favorite colors are blues and greens…choices may have those colors involved….)

Check back to see about entering.  Details posted on Wednesday 27 March.


EJ out – to write a post about my morning.  Lying Spawn and Don’t Mess with Mama Mondays…..


  1. PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Blog-o-Birthday week! Wonder if Hallmark makes a card for that?

  2. Happy Birthday Evil Joy Speaks:)

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