They’re not worth a lot of money. To others, these aren’t important. Both lost and found today…these rings are precious to me.

My wedding and anniversary bands. I took them off during a class at the gym. The metal was cutting into my finger and it hurt. So I simply took them off without thought, tossed them onto my warmup shirt I’d earlier removed, and kept on keeping on in class. Class ended. I grabbed my shirt, assumed I had my rings, and quickly moved on with my day.

About 30 minutes later as I drove to work I noticed my finger bleeding. And realized…my rings were not on my hand.

I panicked for about three seconds. Then I did the logical step back of my day and knew they had to be in one of about fifteen places….and decided to panic again. If my bands weren’t at the gym, they were in a parking lot, along a road, in a bathroom drain, or lost FOREVER.

I know they’re just rings. Simple bands. I wear them on my right hand, not my left. If they’d been lost, my husband would not have been mad, he would have understood. I would have been able to replace them.

But at that moment in my car, the importance of my wedding and anniversary bands hit me hard. I’m not materialistic. I’m not much into jewelry and trends aren’t something I follow. My rings, however, are symbolic to me – more than I realized.

These bands are not the bands we said “I do” with. Over the past 22 years, we’ve each had to replace rings for one reason or another. My second band – my anniversary band – came at 17¬†years – not the traditional 10 or 15. That band represents more than just the years under our belt – it stands for strength, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles.

I felt immediate peace and relief when I knew my rings were safe. I’m not one to cry but I nearly shed tears when I got a message telling me my rings were found.¬† They were only “lost” for about 3 hours but it felt like forever. I don’t always wear them, but I always know where they are kept – until today when I thought I’d lost them. But they were found.

I’m not taking them off again for a long time.