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Loud and Clear

Sometimes when I go to church I can’t find the meaning in the message.  At least not right away.

Sunday…I heard it loud and clear.


Even when things are going badly, hope.

Hope is the miracle.

Maybe the prayers and pleadings were and are answered but maintaining hope through all the hard stuff…that is the miracle.

That’s the message I heard.

During dark times, hope glimmers.  It may be dim at times, but the glimmer remains and can be rekindled into a strong flame.

I was bawling during Mass today.  Father talked about maintaining hope during the worst.  He talked about the worst being job loss, death, illness, or fear.  We all prayed for those suffering from depression.   Then the Knights got up and spoke about what they do and how the support the community.  One of the many things they listed was financial support to families going through tough times.  And yes, they supported us, as did our church.  In addition to a sea of support we received from those surrounding us.

I’m finally starting to see the lighter side of things.  While I fully understood and appreciated the depth of support surrounding our family while Dr. Evil was sick, I am seeing the miracle in it all.  I’m looking beyond the fear for the first time.  People were helping knowing we had a long road to recovery.  They weren’t helping simply to quiet the fear of his possible death.

I’m very good at hiding when I’m all but short of sobbing.  I held the tears at bay until the end of Mass.  Eldest caught on – but he’s sensitive to my moods.  And he was right next to me.  He also knew I wasn’t going to talk about it right there.   He smiled and, as he’s learned from me, teased me until I laughed.   We went on our way to the grocery to get what we needed for our day.


This isn’t about believing in God or not believing God.  This isn’t about being Catholic or Methodist or Wiccan or Agnostic.

This is about hope.

This is about seeing that glimmer of light.   And being ready to chase it.

I’m ready.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 7.47.34 AM

What gives you hope in the worst of times?

The graphic used is courtesy of Gina Valley.  You can find her on Facebook at : www.facebook.com/Gina-Valley.  Twitter @GinaValley.  And on her blog : www.ginavalley.com


  1. Knowing I have an amazing support system behind me. I have the most awesome friends, you included. <3

    • Back at ya Teri. It is amazing knowing there are people there to pick you up when you fall and who stand there and catch you again and again. Knowing they’ve seen you at your worst and they didn’t leave…..hope.

  2. Love. Knowing I’m loved always forces me to find some hope, even when it’s hard to really believe in it. It’s funny how life (though I suppose that often it’s God giving little nudges here and there) finds ways to remind us of it when we still somehow manage to forget.

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