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Meeting of the Bloggers……

Evil Joy here with a post on changes, meanings, and meetings!

So when Dr. Evil was sick I was into bargaining.  Now I understand that bargaining with God is very wrong.  But at that point I didn’t care.  I would have walked across hot coals in order to make him better.  And knowing how much he likes long hair my thought process went something like, “God, if you don’t kill him off, I’ll grow my hair out.”

So…the last 15 months have been hair grow out time.  In these last 15 months…he’s gotten better, had a cold, turned back to normal.  And I’ve decided superstition and craziness can leave the Evil Joy Mind.  And that I HATE my long hair.  It irritates the snot out of me.  It takes too long to dry.  It gets in my mouth when I brush my teeth.  It gets in my eyes when I’m snowboarding down a new hill…causing me to wipe out.  Yeah – it was the hair – yeah yeah…that’s what it was.

Now … in the past when I’ve whacked my hair, it’s been impulsive.  It’s a 10 second decision followed by an immediate drive to the nearest place with an opening.



This time…I waited a week.  A week for me is like a year for most people.  I waited for my favorite hair lady Tracy to cut it.  She is the best!!!  Love love love her!  She knows what I want when I don’t even always know!  She’s great!


Tracy at Tangled

Tracy at Tangled

And….bye bye 8 inches of hair.  See ya later.  The hair has left the building.  It’s walked the plank.  It’s been kicked to the curb.  Bah-bye.


8 inches of hair….see ya!

As I was leaving my favorite Tracy…..I saw my favorite blogger I know IRL!  Skinny Jeans & Yoga Pants!  There to see the very same Tracy!!!  Great minds people…..we not only think alike….we rock.  Skinny Jeans is a crazy amazing styling lady.  I want to have funds and time to hang with her and shop at Hot Mama.  Some day…  Nonetheless…just seeing her brightens my day!  Here’s a link to her new hair!

Evil Joy and Skinny Jeans!

Evil Joy and Skinny Jeans!

As I was leaving I kept getting emails from Dr. Evil telling me he’d sent me a sprint message with a photo.  The photo didn’t load.  The romantic in me was hoping it was a photo of some awesome Valentines gift.  The logical person in me was unsure what it was because we’d agreed no gifts or cards.

Dr. Evil was trying to send me the photo he saw on Photo Stream of my hair cut.  Damn Evil Photo Stream.  I was hoping to surprise him.  Earlier in the week I mentioned I was thinking of getting my hair cut.  His response….”Not sure I’d notice.”  Not sure he understood I wasn’t talking about a little trim…..I was hoping to see the look on his face at first sight!


The picture Dr. Evil was trying to send me...of me.

The picture Dr. Evil was trying to send me…of me.


EJ out – to style my new hair.  And get my spawn out the door for school.  And to find a better picture to show y’all of my new hair do!





  1. I love it!!! Good choice, Tracy did you well!

  2. Love it! It was so fun to see you there. 🙂

    Great minds run in the same gutter….

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