As you dear daughters grow I am more and more aware of the messages society is throwing our way. And whether I catch the message, dodge it, or it smacks me up side the head.

These messages don’t seem all that different from when I was young;

Images and pictures about what size and shape you should be. Messages about which clothes will make you ‘cool.’ Situational messages from shows – even commercials – about relationships. About how you’re suppose to feel and act around boys.

I do my best to filter the information to which you are exposed. I also do my best frame messages in a healthy way.

I also believe you should be aware of the ‘real’ world and know about the challenges you may face. The awesome things you will see and experience. And the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

What I hope you avoid :

I pray you leave the crippling effects of self-doubt and lack of confidence undiscovered. I hope you choose friends because you share similar likes and interests, beliefs and dreams. I hope you avoid the glamour of worrying about the popular crowd and rejoice in being YOU.

What I want for my girls :

I want you to believe in yourselves. I wish for you to possess confidence and the ability to stand up for what you believe in. I want you to speak your mind and understand that YOU matter in this world. I hope you have the ability to recognize when humility is required. I want you to be humble and brave, loud and joyful.

Most of all dear daughters I want you to love life. Grasp it by the ears and live it to the fullest. You can do anything you put your mind to! Dream big! Reach for the stars. Be awesome.

Know you will have road bumps. Know you will face hard times and disappointment. Also know going through the hard stuff makes you strong and teaches you to cherish the good times.

Just remember even though friends come and go, life is easy or hard….I will always be here for you.

Know I will always love you.



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