My children are 18, 15, 13, and 10. One boy and three girls. Dr. Evil is my hubs and together we raise these crazy kids I call spawn.

Dr. Evil …. He’s my better Evil Half.  He’s the man of my dreams.  He’s why Dr. Evil and Evil Joy exist.  My hubby of 19+ years (28 Dec 96) and my best friend.  I still make fun on him on here though…..

Eldest Spawn …. He’s 18.  He’s a boy.  He’s stinky.  He’s awesome.  This one is off to university to study engineering. He’s 15 hours from home and hopefully having the time of his life! And learning something along the way.  He often provides fodder for Evil Joy to post about – although the said fodder is usually met with “You’re going to blog on Evil Joy about this, aren’t you?”  He’s my favorite son.


Eldest Female Spawn …. She’s 15. This one almost has her driver’s license and is a crazy good ball player.  She’s got super stinky feet and doesn’t like to change her socks.  She’s the Queen of all drama queens.  I love her to pieces.


Second Eldest Female Spawn …. She is 13.  She’s loud and likes to sing at the top of her voice.  All. The. Time.  This one loves being a center fielder – dancing when the ball isn’t in play and focusing like a lazer when it is. She tells seasons by sports – just like her sisters – Volleyball, Snowboarding, Softball.  She’s my cuddle bug.


Littlest Spawn …. She’s 10.  She’s the baby of the spawn and she knows it.  She wants her way and bullies the other spawn into giving it to her. Littest is a voracious reader and loves to point out when others aren’t precise. She is my doll face.


Shadow Dog …. She’s 10.  She’s a black lab/border collie rescue.  She likes to eat human food….that isn’t for her.  Newly diabetic, Shadow is good about letting us give her shots. She’s a sweetie.

Burton Puppy ….  He’s 6.  He’s an Australian heeler/beagle rescue/southern hound dog.  He thinks he’s still a puppy.  And super fun. AND LOUD.

The dust bunny and dirt surely around the house are the silent members of the family.