So…yeah – this is a post about our first family adventure of the winter season.  We all attempted went snowboarding together.

Now…let’s think about this for a moment, shall we?  Other than Eldest Spawn – who is proficient and able to go down hills I have nightmares about – and myself – and I broke my wrist the one time I went – none of the family has been on boards before.

Littlest Spawn is 5 and Second Eldest Female Spawn is 7.  This alone should tell you how much snowboarding I got done.  They did great!  LS got both feet in her bindings (the thing holding your feet to the board – you strap them and then you’re stuck to your board) and so did SEF – they really did well – they got pretty tired but kept on trucking on…and got to the top of the mini hill by Evil Mama hauling their strapped in bindings selves up.  Eldest Female Spawn hit the hills shredding – she did fabulously and gained a lot of confidence.

Dr. Evil watched SnowProfessor and really got the hang of it quickly.

I got a board with a different sort of bindings than the rest of the family.  Not on purpose.  However, when you’re the rookie I am, the size I am, and the age I am…they are sort of hard to get on.  While on a hill.  That goes down.  While not falling on your arse.  With your arse then flying over your head.



Wish me luck!!!!  Please.  I need it!

EJ out – to get the clothes out of the dryer so we can return to Afton today!!!


And since you’re wishing me luck (you’d better be or I’ll go Evil on You) – click on the Top Mommy Blogs icon.  Thanks!  And check out Elf Shaming too – it’s awesome!


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