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On the Road Again…

Just can’t wait to get on the road again!!

Okay – I admit it – I LOVE the RV.  I was so vehemently opposed to buying it that those words now leaving my fingertips must be blasphemy.  But nope…I’m loving the family time it gives us.  Admittedly I’m saying this before leaving – and being in the car with four or more Spawn – for hours.

But it’s time away together.  I can’t come in and blog.  I can’t come in and do laundry.  There’s no TV.  I can’t go garden and get lost in the weeds for hours.

Just family time.  I’ve missed family time this last year.  So focused on so many things.  At first it was Dr. Evil.  Then Dr. Evil and the Spawn.  Then Dr. Evil, the Spawn, and a broken wrist.  Then Dr. Evil, the Spawn, healed wrist, and baseball, softball, and machine pitch.  And Concessions.  You get the idea…

I was so busy I didn’t enjoy some things as much as I should have.  And by staying busy I couldn’t fall into the anxiety or depression or worry or whatever you want to call it that has haunted me since Dr. Evil earned his PhD.  And man, I have beeeeennnnn busy!  Except when I’m not ……

Today…I’m looking forward to focusing on the house for a few hours knowing I have three full days with my family.  And friends.

Can’t wait to leave!!!!!

Have a safe, fabulous Labor Day weekend.  Remember why we celebrate – a day off to men and women who work – celebrated in the US and Canada since 1894 (source: TLC Family).

Dr. Evil, Evil Joy, Eldest Spawn, Eldest Female Spawn, Second Eldest Female Spawn, and Little Spawn

EJ out – to wash my stinky running clothes (and myself) since I want to bring them with me!

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  1. Have a blast! If you are fed up by tomorrow night, some Evil Mike’s Hard should do the trick!

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